Winter Flowers

anemones purple

A handful of bright anemones in juice glasses.

Just like produce, flowers are seasonal— did you know you can get a list of seasonal flowers by month with my Pick Now! calendar? Winter flowers may not be the show-offs of spring and summer, but they offer their own gorgeous beauty that can brighten up a home in the darker months. Here are a few snapshots from recent arrangements around my house. Also, be sure to check out my post on taking one spray of Cymbidium orchids and making a cluster of small, long-lasting arrangements.

flowering branches

Flowering branches are so pretty laid on a table or clustered in a vase. I've found them at our local Trader Joe's.

winter floral arrangements

I love the saturated colors and variety of texture in this arrangement. These were for a special birthday dinner.

tulips vase

A simple change up of the vase and arrangement shows off the beautiful, sculptural qualities of the tulips.

pink winter flowers

These sweet flowers hint at the promise of spring.


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