Daffodils are everywhere right now, you can pick-up a bunch at the grocery store for under $2. But in the grocery store they don’t look very appealing— often they’re thrown in a brown box and all closed up. When buying a few bunches the other day I thought it would be cool to see how long it took them to open up (I know, interesting to me, maybe not to you). Daffodils are so pretty and cheerful. It’s been a treat to walk into my kitchen each morning and have them greet me as they sit on the counter.

daffodils day 1

Day 1

daffodils day 2

Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

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3 thoughts on “Daffodils”

Beautiful! I just bought an easter lily with 6 buds, now starting to open, so cheerful. I have a ton of daffodils in my Wisconsin gardens, very reliable, unlike tulips. I saw where daffodils will grow well in Calif., but tulips need to be dug up and kept cold for awhile. A lot of trouble, just enjoy the daffodils. So many colors and sizes to choose.

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