Gin & Tonic, London Style

Gin and Tonic

My favorite

It’s no secret that I love gin, even though gin doesn’t really love me. While bar hopping in London we became attached to this simple cocktail served in a fresh way. I kind of wanted to wrap my legs around it and whisper sweet nothings in its ear…see, I told you gin makes me crazy.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a basic gin and tonic, but the way it was served made it special. Often, I find that in entertaining it is just taking that next step to turn something ordinary into something memorable.

London cocktail

So here’s what you do:

Get the tallest thinnest glasses you have and then tilt the glass on its side. Slide in two cucumber slices and then fill glass with ice cubes—that way the cucumbers are on the side looking pretty and staying crisp. Turn glass straight up, put a shot of gin in the bottom and slide in a swizzle stick.

Then, serve the glasses with a bottle of tonic on the side so each person can pour to their personal preference. In London they had these really cute individual tonic bottles, so we each had our own. I’ve already ordered some of those bottles on Amazon, but they haven’t made it my door yet.


organic tonic water

No, it’s not you. The label is getting a little loose. It must be the gin.

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8 thoughts on “Gin & Tonic, London Style”

Would like to order the individual tonic bottles on Amazon but cannot find them. Please help. Thanks.

Nice post. FYI-Recently while dining at The Hive restaurant at the new 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, AR, I had the most delicious cocktail made with the Hendrick’s gin you featured, Lavander Syrup and Lemon juice! I think there was a little of the ubiquitous tonic mixed in. It was the softest, nicest cocktail I’ve ever had. Called? The Arkansawyer. of couse. Definitely will try and copy. (Bentonville is home to The Crystal Bridges American Museum. A must see).

Sitting here cruising the net, emails, etc, having a cocktail G&T of course.. Saw your post – brilliant. I think I’ll have another with cucumber !

Oh, and I should add that we buy the little six packs of Canada Dry Tonic. They’re great. Always have them on hand, never need to worry about the big bottle going flat

Fever Tree is the best! Try the bitter lemon as well. Bev-Mo usually carries the brand. My Father is a Gin and Tonic fan as well and I recently turned him on to this fun take on tonic that I think you would enjoy.


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