Quick Tip: Dyed Egg Upgrade

easter eggs

My girls love to color dozens of Easter eggs and we always end up with bowls full of these jeweled beauties. But I gotta admit, many  fall into the category of, “a beauty only a mother could love” when the creative minds of mixing colors and such take over.

This is by far my favorite Easter décor tip and it’s so easy. For your special brunch or dinner table, just nestle a dyed egg into an eggcup filled with a little reindeer moss for an instant upgrade. You can find eggcups all over this time of year; I’ve seen them at World Market and Crate and Barrel for a few bucks each.

It makes a super organic and pretty display for an egg that ordinarily wouldn’t get much play and the girls are thrilled to see their masterpieces on the table.

Easter table



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One thought on “Quick Tip: Dyed Egg Upgrade”

Those dyes look remarkably similar to my morning cup of Jo’ and juice-what type of dyes are they?

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