Tuesday Tip: Grapefruit Mocktail

fresh ruby red

I’ve been trying for a while to kick my afternoon Diet Coke habit. I had managed to wean myself down to one of those itty-bitty cans when the craving hits, but I always regretted drinking it as soon as I finished.

Enter my new favorite drink that has changed everything— sparkling water with a heavy splash of grapefruit juice. It’s fizzy, refreshing and makes me feel like I’m having a cocktail at 2:00 pm. And that’s right when Mama needs a mocktail.

pellegrino drink

Grapefruit is in season right now and is available in just about any grocery store. Freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice is the best. If you go the bottled route, look for 100% freshly squeezed juice, and an added bonus is finding a non-pasteurized version. My friend Cookie shared a great little tip with me— she stores her grapefruits in the fridge and then when she goes to squeeze her juice it’s pre-chilled. Smart, Cookie. 🙂

fresh juice

refreshing drink

To try it out: Grab a glass, throw in some ice, pour it 1/4 full with grapefruit juice, then add sparkling water and give it a stir. Easy breezy!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Grapefruit Mocktail”

I am trying to cut calories and diet sodas have never been my favorite. Sparkling water is my new favorite find. Our local grocery store sells a home brand in a variety of flavors and grapefruit is my favorite. I love adding a slice of Texas ruby reds for their flavor and pretty color. It makes me feel like I am drinking something so fancy.

Thank you for letting us know. Everything is running fine on our side, please let me know if you have any other issues. Thank you!

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