Easter Recap

Spring entertaining

I made it easy with all ranunculus for the table in different colors.

easter table setting

Don't you think green ranunculus are so cool?

This year our spring break slammed right into Easter.  While my husband drove us home from our vacation on Saturday, I sat shotgun planning the menu and plan of action (or is that plan of attack?) for the seven families we were hosting for brunch the next day.

The suitcases never got unpacked; instead I went right to pillaging the garden, cooking and setting the table. Thankfully, with my Easter segment on Access Hollywood Live last week, I knew the menu inside and out after multiple rounds of creating and testing the recipes. If you haven’t had your fill of ham, be sure to check out the recipe on the AH site– it is so easy and was a total winner.

entertaining recipes

There's the ham ready to be sliced.

spring recipes

The egg bake and potato salad.

spring salad

Farro salad with marinated artichoke, watermelon radish and arugula.

It was a rare rainy Easter in Santa Barbara, which called for creative egg hunt tactics. Between me running around like a chocolate covered Energizer Bunny and my little crew of dedicated helpers, we managed to pull it all together. I even had time to take a (quick) shower before our first guest arrived—believe me, that was a bonus for all!

coconut cake recipe

begonias and Kentia Palm

Luckily, we have a covered patio. So we could still hunt for eggs in the rain.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Recap”


I couldn’t be more proud of you! Watching you on the Access Hollywood segment was so much fun. You are a natural.

I do not know how you did it Val, Looks beautiful,………. Amazing!!!
and by the way who is Thomas !!! I like what he says!!

Talk about mouth watering, your coconut cake looks so delicious!! Do you have a special recipe that you might share?!

Janis, you can go to the Access Hollywood Live, the recipe is included with my Easter menu (http://www.accesshollywood.com/access-hollywood-live/healthy-easter-brunch-recipes-access-hollywood-live_articletab_77181). But I do want to clarify the baking time- The recipe there says to cook the cake for 45 minutes for an 8″ pan. It really should read for an egg pan or bundt pan it cooks for 45 minutes. A 9″ round will only cook for about 30 minutes and a regular 8″ would probably only cook for 40 minutes. Since all ovens are a little different, I would keep your eye on it from 30 minutes on.

HI Val, the Farro salad with arrugula, watermelon radishes, etc. looks terrific. Would you post or send me the recipe? Thanks so much!

Hi Tricia, I honestly threw it together with what I had on hand and thankfully it turned out great. I will be glad to work on putting together a “real” recipe soon. Cheers!

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