Have Your Cake and Cake Stand Too

vietri cake stand

I’m thrilled to be partnering up with VIETRI for a giveaway! Anyone who has poked around here knows how much I love VIETRI’s beautiful Italian dishes. They’re timeless, beautiful and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. One of my favorite pieces that I use all the time is the Incanto Cake Stand.

Today, you have the chance to win a cake stand of your own! VIETRI is giving away a small Incanto Cake Stand (valued at $122.00) to one lucky Eat Drink Garden reader.

What good is a cake stand without a cake? For the first time on the blog, I’m sharing my favorite coconut cake recipe. It started out with a Paula Deen recipe. I’ve tinkered with it forever; bring a bit of California influence to this Southern staple. Guess what I always serve it on? My VIETRI Incanto Cake Stand. See, it’s all coming together.

valerie's coconut cake

First, here’s how to enter the VIETRI giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment to this post telling us how you would use your Incanto Cake Stand.
  2. For an extra chance to win, Like VIETRI on Facebook.
  3. For an even extra, extra chance to win share this giveaway on Twitter (@EatDrinkGarden and @Vietri).

Get your fingers moving between now and Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59pm PST.

Just leave a comment below telling us how you would use your VIETRI cake stand. Our winner will be chosen at random from all the entries we gather and announced here next Thursday.

vietri coconut cake

And now, the cake:

Valerie’s Coconut Cake


Makes one 9-inch round layer cake


For special occasions, this coconut creation is by far my most requested cake. It’s the one everyone hints/asks/begs me to make for birthdays, holidays and dinner parties. The cake and frosting recipes are both pretty basic and standard. What makes this cake shine is the tangy coconut filling. I’m a fan of cakes that aren’t too sweet; the unsweetened coconut used gives authentic, natural coconut flavor rather than sugary overload.


For the cake:


1 cup butter, softened

2 cups sugar

3 cups flour

4 eggs

5 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup coconut milk

1 teaspoon coconut extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350.


Prepare two 9-inch round cake pans with butter and a dusting of flour.

In a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix butter and sugar until light in color and fluffy in texture, about five minutes.


Next, add eggs one at a time, incorporating after each addition and being sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Combine milk, vanilla and coconut extract in a measuring cup. In a separate bowl, whisk flour and baking powder and salt. Add both mixtures to the bowl of the mixer alternating the flour and milk mixture (beginning and ending with the flour.)


Pour batter evenly into pans. Bake at 350 degree for 35 minutes or until cake pulls slightly away from the sides of the cake pan and center is solidified. Place the cakes on a baking rack until cool.




1 cup Greek yogurt

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup coconut milk

½ cup shredded coconut (unsweetened)


Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Once cake has cooled, this will be the center filling for the cake.


8 Minute Frosting:


This frosting is usually called 7 Minute Frosting, but the real key to success is the 1 minute of mixing before putting it on the stove.


1 ½ cups sugar

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/3 cup water (I just tried using coconut water and it was awesome)

2 egg whites


Prep the bottom part of your double broiler by filling with water and setting it over medium-high heat, you want a hearty simmer, not a rolling boil.

Using a handheld electric mixer beat the sugar, cream of tartar, salt, water and egg whites in the top part of a double boiler for a minute before placing on the stove.


Place the pan over boiling water, make sure that boiling water does not touch the bottom of the top pan. Beat constantly on high speed with electric mixer for 7 minutes over the heat. If you feel like it’s getting too hot take pan off the heat for a minute but continue beating. Cool before frosting the cake.




1 ½ cups unsweetened coconut flakes


Note: If you really want to go all out, you can toast the flakes prior to garnishing the cake. Spread out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and toast in a 350 degree oven for about 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown.

To assemble the cake:


You can make this in two layers, but I prefer slicing the cake in half to make four layers. A great hint to make this easier: Bake your cakes the day before and freeze after cooling. Let them thaw for about thirty minutes and then they will easily slice with a serrated knife.


Place the first cake layer on a serving or cake plate upside down and poke holes with a fork throughout the cake. Pour on 1/2 of filling mixture spreading evenly over the cake. Add the next layer and repeat.


Frost with the 8 Minute Frosting over the entire cake and then push the toasted flakes on with your hand— if you cup your hand slightly it will hold the flakes and go onto the cake nicely.


Now, just leave a comment below telling us how you would use your VIETRI cake stand to enter the drawing. Please note, as much as we love all our international readers, this particular giveaway is open to readers in the United States only.

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120 thoughts on “Have Your Cake and Cake Stand Too”

A beautiful Cake Plate like this deserves beautiful cakes and more! Love it, want it, need it!

The beautiful coconut cake would look superb on the beautiful cake plate, Of course if the plate is feeling homesick a casata cake would do the trick.

If I won this lovely cake – tray. In light of my wifes love for cooking and baking this would be given to her.

Carl Banke

PS We Love to read all of Eat – Drink – Garden e mail/s Valerie does a tremendous job with this. Creative Girl.

PSS I am a friend of Cal Stamenov

Beautiful…cake and stand. I would use it for anything, everything, and nothing at all!

A beautiful statement piece and a yummy recipe … what more could one ask for?! I’ve been on a coconut kick lately; the timing of this cake and cake stand is perfect!


Yummy! I would use my Vietri stand for a cocoanut cake made for a very special someone.

I am going to ask Valerie to make this delicious cake for me to serve on this beautiful cake stand so I can share with my friends.

Our family loves to celebrate birthdays- they are a very special occasion for us to create memories together and we never let a year go by without each of us having a wonderfully special birthday cake. This lovely Vietri cake stand would present each celebratory cake that we bake and enjoy together and toast to another wonderful year.

That cake stand is so pretty I would use in anywhere….even outside the kitchen….I’m thinking of an array of white candles of all different heights for a centerpiece! xo c.

I would serve mom’s amazing Italian Cream cake on Vietri’s matching quintessential cake stand to my friends and family to celebrate birthdays and holidays…

This Beautiful stand is the perfect way to display the cakes I make for family and friends! I am in love with it’s simple elegance!

This beautiful cake stand would be a perfect centerpiece for special occasions amongst my 30 year collection of Campagna dinnerware. It is lovely!

I would make a cake for my husband’s 60th birthday next week (this coconut cake? German chocolate? a caramel cake with caramel icing? lemon cake with pineapple filling and whipped cream frosting?), serve it on Vietri plates from my collection, and contemplate how wonderful it is to be born 100% Italian! Bellissima!

I would use the Incanto cake stand to hold a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.Beautiful throughout!

My son is marrying an Italian next month so this would be lovely memories for me and I would display it on my tile counter and use it every opportunity! For yummy cakes, fluffy pies, layered torts, little tarts, fruit galettes, stacked with cupcakes, quiche for breakfast, cheesecake for dessert; it would be well-loved! Ciao, and grazie!

I do a lot of entertaining and I think I would use the beautiful cake stand as the centerpiece of a buffet. I like to have different levels of food on the buffet table when entertaining so that guests can see all the food. I see the cake stand for desserts (pastries, cake, cupcakes, cookies,etc.) Or baguette sliced and maybe a olive tapenade in a small bowl in the center of the stand, or cold cuts and cheeses. Possiblilities are endless!

I’d surround a beautiful cake with flowers for my daughter’s birthday. And then use it everyday as a centerpiece with candles or flowers. Bella!

I would love to win the beautiful cake stand. I have never had one and it would be perfect to server our favorite birthday cake, angel food with strawberries, raspberries and whip cream!!! Yummy and beautiful too!!! Thank you Valerie!!

I’m ready to celebrate after two years with no oven, due to a lengthy kitchen remodel! I have my own recipe for a coconut cake, and I’d like to tweak it with the coconut milk from yours. Oven was just installed this week, and I suddenly feel like a baker. I’d have some friends over, and the cake stand would be topped by a beautiful cake to be devoured with champagne!

I love lemons and my sweet friend has the best! She brings me a bag often and I enjoy them down to the last drop. I have found this gorgeous recipe in bon appetite magazine for a lemon tart. I ripped it out and went to Home Goods the next day to buy a tart pan. I am now all set to try out this lushish tart but I think I need a stand to display it on!! 😉

Vietri makes such beautiful pieces! Would love to add the cake stand to my china collection. I just made my first cake – a 3 layer carrot cake! – for Easter and didn’t have anything this pretty to display it on. So that’s the cake I’d make again! And then try this yummy coconut cake recipe!

first let me say – the Coconut Cake recipe sounds so good, I love to use coconut milk too! Anything coconut makes me happy. Vietri offers us a nice selection and the Incanto Cake Stand would be one that I would cherish. When not using for my home baked cakes I would place my favorite pillar candle and enjoy the ambiance!

I’d use it often for cakes on birthdays and holidays! It would be my first piece of Vietri if I win.

I would definitely use it to serve my daughters’ birthday cakes! We always do homemade cakes because of severe food allergies. The only stand I have is a mini one I found on clearance and its just too small for cakes! I know my girls would admire the beauty of this one:)

I would put my favorite angelfood cake cake on it topped with fresh creamy white whipped cream, and fresh raspberries for a summer party with family to go ‘wow!’ like we did when my mother used to serve it!

That cake looks to die for. Coconut is my absolute favorite, so I will be making this for the next special occasion. Then I would display it on the beautiful cake stand, along with cupcakes or lemon bars!

I would do so much entertaining with this cake stand!!! My husband loves this triple layer key lime cake and it would look perfect on it!!

My three daughters’ birthdays: May, June, December. This year, my almost-3-year-old has requested chocolate cake, icing, and blue sprinkles…and of course a piñata, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a car that turns into a dinosaur. At least the cake will be pretty!

I would use this beautiful cake stand to celebrate special birthdays of my family and friends. Your coconut cake looks divine!

What a beautiful cake stand! I’m throwing a dessert party to kick off the beggining of summer, and this cake stand would be the perfect centerpiece. I’d love to see it stacked high with key lime cupcakes and rasberry lemon whoopie pies.

I also love Vietri’s products. I own their mother-of-pearl handled Aladdin flatware, which makes every table setting look elegant. This cake stand is particularly beautiful and a very useful size. I would serve my special Chocolate Charlotte on it.
I have a friend who loves coconut, so I am going to give your recipe a try. You had me at
Greek yogurt filling.

This would be perfect for my frequently requested Black Russian Cake – a chocolate bundt cake with vodka and kahlua, with a kahlua and powder sugar glaze.

I think a better question would be….what wouldn’t I use this beautiful cake stand for? LOL So pretty I would want to find excuses to put it out with items on it! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

I would first use the cake stand for the beautiful chocolate cake I saw in Gourmet Magazine.

My 24 year old daughter , an avid baker,was married to the young man of her dreams in Santa Barbara last October.
She is passionate about SB, and her cakes, and would love a VIETRI cake stand as a permanent objet d’art in their tiny little apartment.

Thank you for your wonderful, inspirational website! Cheers !

I would use it to display cakes made with love for my two children. It is beautiful, and I would love to win.

I would just leave it empty on the counter and one of my girls would just be so tempted to make a pretty cake for this pretty stand : )

I love, love, love the Incanto pattern and coconut too no less! But I love chocolate and coconut together even better. I have a work luncheon coming up and I would LOVE to serve my decadent “OMG Choco-Coconut Cake” on this plate! It consists of a devine 2-3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing…of course there’s coconut mixed in in the icing. But wait, that’s not all….once iced I sprinkle the cake with chopped pieces of that saltine/ chocolate/butter toffee that folks normally make at Christmas….add a few peacan pieces on top and you’ve got “OMG Choco-Coconut Cake”!!! Plus the white cake stand with the chococate cake would make for a stunning color contrast! 🙂

My wedding anniversary is coming up in May and I saw the picture that was posted on Facebook of the cake on the Incanto Cake Stand with the roses on the side and they are the same color roses that I had at my wedding! I would try my best to make a beautiful cake like the picture above to celebrate and I would love to have the beautiful cake stand to serve it on!

I would love this beautiful cake stand for celebrating with family and friends ~ special occasions, or occasions made special by the Incanto Cake Stand! And I “liked” Vietri a long time ago! I shop for it at Vintage Cargo in Eureka Springs, Arkansas! (And I LOVE coconut cake!)

I love the classic, timeless Vietri cake stand. I love to entertain so this would gets lots of use, particularly for birthday cakes and cupcakes. I would also use it to serve muffins or turnovers and croissants. I really hope I win, because I will immediately bake the coconut cake and serve it on the stand!

I would use this beautiful stand to start my dreamed about collection of cake stands

Wow…Valerie that cake looks and sounds AMAZING!
I am a huge Vietri fan. My mother first introduced me to the wonderful world of Vietri when Mark & I were married 22 years ago. If I were the lucky winner, I would share this cake stand to my mom, who bakes non stop. Her famous “Adult BIrthday Cake” with its many layers all wrapped in dark chocolate & topped with raspberries would be a complete standout on that gorgeous stand.

Wow…Valerie that cake looks and sounds AMAZING!
I am a huge Vietri fan. My mother first introduced me to the wonderful world of Vietri when Mark & I were married 22 years ago. If I were the lucky winner, I would share this cake stand with my mom (who bakes non stop). Her famous “Adult BIrthday Cake” with its many layers all wrapped in dark chocolate & topped with raspberries would also be exceptionally impressive on that gorgeous Vietri cake stand.

If I won that beautiful cakestand, I’d put my sister’s wedding cake on it 🙂 Thrilled with the honor of her trusting me to do her wedding cake 🙂

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