Spring Cleaning

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Things have gotten pretty busy around here in the last few months. It’s time to take a day to regroup and reorganize, kind of a spring cleaning, blog style.

Here are a couple of things to make Eat Drink Garden life easier for you:

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Print Recipes

First, something that has been driving me crazy forever has been fixed! The print recipe feature at the end of each post will now only print the recipe text, not all of the images.

Thank you for your patience on that one— backend technical prowess doesn’t come as easily to me as say, eating, drinking and gardening.

Recipe Box

And just like that cute dress you forgot in the back of your closet; don’t forget about the personal recipe box feature. Once you’re an EDG subscriber, you can save anything you find on the blog to your personal recipe box. At the end of each post, right next to the comment and print option, you just click to save to recipe box.

Anytime you come to the blog, just click on the pretty little recipe box icon at the top of the page you’ll be directly taken to your list of saved recipes.

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Wish List:

And here’s what I need from you as we move into spring and summer. What would you like to see more of on the blog? Family meals? Flower arranging? Entertaining tips? Cocktails? Wine recommendations? Favorite finds? Please, just tell me!

Thank you for your faithful readership, you make this a fun, delicious adventure. Cheers to you!

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20 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

I would love to see more on summer outdoor entertaining!
I think we need to focus on spending time with close friends
and family. Gatherings with 10 or less. During these tough times
with more to come I would love suggestions on entertaining at home
Love your blog!!!!

Being a born and raised Santa Barbarian, now living in Northern CA, I love that you appreciate the S.B. lifestyle……every day as I read your fabulous Blog (my favorite) I’m transported back to that beautiful city. Through your descriptions of the fabulous bounty found at the Farmer’s Market, the amazing flora and fruit and vegies growing in your garden, or what you are feeding your family, I’m always inspired! It would be nice to see more interaction with the folks that post comments, but aside from that, just keep doing what you’re doing!
Best, Susan

Valerie – I think what’s compelling about your blog is that it is the sum of its parts, not just focused on one element, and that’s what keeps me reading. Thank you!

Thank you, Katherine! I couldn’t agree more. My biggest passion is entertaining at home, creating meaningful times with my nearest and dearest.

Thank you, Jean! These types of comments are what give me the energy to tackle this blog (that, and my mom raised me to always share). 🙂

don’t change a thing, love it all………. If I could remember that 5th grade teachers name I would write her !!!!!!

I really enjoy your blog! I dig your approach to organic eating and like your family recipes!! I also like the variety of topics you cover. Maybe including some of your style (fashion tips) would be appreciated! : ) I know you have great taste.

Hi, Valerie. I prefer an olio to a single-focused blog. That is why I love yours. A little of everything works for me, and thanks for asking.

Hi Valerie, I came to admire your last home so much through all of your fabulous posts. I know your blog is centered on eating, drinking, and gardening but I was wondering if you would give us a bit more of a peak into your new home. Thank you as always, for your fresh approach on some of the most simple delights life has to offer.

I will certainly keep that in mind for future blog entries. I have had so much fun putting our new home together. Thanks for the comment! PS I’m still a bit weepy about leaving my old kitchen!

I do love the variety of your blog! And I appreciate the times when you offer simple recipes, as I get so busy with work, feeding myself can seem like a chore sometimes. If I can remember the simple ingredients without having to pull up the directions again, home run and I feel like I’ve learned something! I also love the garden photos and flowers. Thank you for feeding my own creative nature.

Valerie, When I was a little girl, my grandmother would make a coconut layered cake for me every year for my birthday. For years I have looked for a receipe that reminded me of that cake. Today, I found it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was. I was immediately transported back into that small Texas Panhandle kitchen, watching from a small stool, her whisking away on that icing. I still have that simple whisk. I always felt so loved and special. Now that I am a grandmother, I will once again get out that whisk and share that very special memory with my precious grandchildren. Thank you for being a part of this memory being passed down through my family today. The beautiful cake plate would be, as they say, “icing on the cake”. Blessings to you!

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