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I’m obsessed with different ways to “cage” or trellis summer fruit. Of course, a standard metal cage is fine – after all, vines do just cover it up. But the shape of your trellis can really make a visual impact in your garden. Unfortunately, many of the store bought cages are very expensive. Over the years I’ve come to realize how easy it is to make or upgrade your own.

Aluminum Cage Upgrade:

On the basis of usefulness and price point I like the standard aluminum tomato cages: they have nice big areas that make for easier harvesting, they’re cheap and they’re easy to find. There’s just a little problem, every time I see one in my garden it makes me cringe.  They are so ugly.

Last week we were playing around with the cages that were in our storage area and decided to try and use them. We discovered that if you turn the cages upside down and tie the once bottom bars (now on top) together with garden twine— get a friend to help you with this step, it’s a two person job— you have a beautiful shape to your trellis.

trellis DIY

tiying trellis

It gives it a pretty sculptural look until your plant fills in the area with wild vines. Attach the bottom to the soil with large garden staples. This helps hold it secure so it won’t blow over if Santa Ana’s come to town. To make it look even more interesting, we hung a little medallion on one and have plans to add wooden finials to the others.

trellis upside down

Make Your Own: Bamboo

When building trellises out of natural materials, I’ve found that bamboo fairs better in the garden than straight wood. I also love the beautiful, organic contrast of the natural looking bamboo and the green vines. Building with bamboo, you’ll need a buff friend with a saw to help you cut it down to your desired lengths. If your garden is in full view or part of your outdoor entertaining space, bamboo trellises are so pretty.

trellis DIY

close up bamboo trellis

And here’s an upside down aluminum trellis in one of my tree box garden planters.

tree box garden


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10 thoughts on “Pretty DIY Trellis”

Great-looking solution, Valerie. But one question, we have rabbits here in our SB garden. Don’t they jump into your low rectangular “boxes” and eat the veggies? That’s why I’m hunting for the large tree boxes : they can’t jump that high!

If you have bunnies, how do you keep them out? They’re cute, but ravenous, especially the pregnant one — or else he/she is just fat, but I wouldn’t dare ask! — that just ran by my window!!

Hi Angela,
I had a rabbit issue at our old house until we got our dog. I never had a problem again of keeping them out of my roses and veggie beds.
Good luck!

Great ideas, I can’t use those cages for tomatoes, too weak. My hubby made several out of thick fencing. But, I do use those tomato cages for peppers, because the peppers can break the stems, so I tie them up as they grow. Works great. But a great idea, I might buy some new ones to use that way. Thanks!!!

Hi Val,
I’m obsessing over your beautiful vegetable garden! The stone pendant is so special, and I look forward to seeing how great the wooden finials will look as well. Thanks for always inspiring.

I would have never thought to do this! So clever and easy. It gives them an entirely different look and feel. Ill definitely be doing this in my garden:)

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