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traditional medicinals tea

You may remember my little love letter to Traditional Medicinals tea a few months back, well now they’ve put together a great giveaway package for one Eat Drink Garden reader to win right here.

I’m a big fan of Traditional Medicinals because they use highest quality ingredients, never use artificial flavors and are committed to “natural wellness.”

Hmm…natural wellness. That’s something we all want in theory, but can be tough to put into action. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below sharing your natural wellness fantasy. Then we will randomly select a winner on Monday. Easy, peasy drink your teasy.

I’ll start. I would love to hideaway in a nook of the house every morning with a cup of tea and a chance to be quiet and still. Isn’t it sad that this is my fantasy? But it is…well, if Justin Timberlake wanted to be there too, I would be okay with that.

Leave your comment between now and Monday, May 20th at noon, when we choose a winner of the Traditional Medicinals Gift Box. This contest is open to readers in the United States and if you’re the winner we will contact you via e-mail to get the goods in your hands.

every day detox tea

So, tell me- what’s your “natural wellness” fantasy?


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21 thoughts on “Traditional Medicinals Giveaway!”

My wellness fantasy would be to give tea to all my family so that they can can be well too.

My wellness fantasy would be quiet woods, plenty of yoga, and nice cup of soothing tea.

Food is Medicine and I have been drinking these teas for awhile, Love the daily Detox Tea and the Dandelion Root, My wellness Dream is just to feel better, I’ve had alot of stomach issues IBS Etc over the past couple years and these Teas have really helped me.

By eating healthier and drinking teas we are learning to love ourselves. We are on a new road of feeling better as we age.

My daughter in law had Lymphoma and researched herbal teas, so now she drinks them everyday, something is working!! she has been cancer free for a few years. Another goosdthing is that her kids now drink herbals teas.

I’ve been using Traditional Medicinals teas for years and am a big fan of them. LIving a clean, healthy lifestyle is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our families.

Hello. My journey and living inPeru for four months has been the best medicine for me. I pick my own herbs for tea, buy non GMO and oragnic produce and vegetables in the daily mkt and havent eaten processed food in two months now. LOVE IT!!!!

To have a year round garden that grows everything we need, and to send the kids out to pick dinner! Sweet!

My Natural Wellness fantasy is to be free of traditional medications and to have quiet time in my yard reflecting on nature and drinking hot tea during the cold months and iced tea when it’s warm.

I love their teas! Especially when they’re on sale at WF. My natural wellness fantasy includes a great book, a cup of Traditional Medicinals ginger, and sitting outside for a good while before picking up my kids from school!

I love having a moment to myself with a cup of hot tea. Tea’s help me calm and they can also give me a lift. My natural wellness fantasie is to eat healthy food every day, practice yoga and sit outside on my patio smelling the scents of rosemary, mint, lemon verbena and lavender in my organic garden.

My fantasy is to be sitting by a warm fire while sipping my tea. I would be reading a fantasy novel. Napping in between. Rain pouring outside. Hoping by drinking the medicinal tea I eventually would be rid of my prescription medicines.

I love drinking chamomille tea at night, to extend a beautiifyull day – shared
with love once !

The girls and I have a cup of tea every morning while we start school. I would love to have a garden to raise more of our own food.

My fantasy is to have that healthy, happy glow that radiates from the inside out which only comes from treating one’s body as a temple and believing in oneself. A fantasy that has become a reality is waking up every morning with my cup of tea as the sun comes up over the landscape, and having my evening cup of tea as I watch the sunset over the ocean. It is my simple joy.

My wellness fantasy would be to grow all my own food… though I know that is a lot of work but it sounds pretty great.

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