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When a girlfriend gave me this fun card, I laughed out loud and set it on my desk. Most of us, ok, maybe it’s just me, but the morning after a big night always leaves me seeking a little help from my make-up drawer.

As many of my friends can attest, I have a mild obsession with a certain concealer. It’s from Cle de Peau (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I just use it!) and it is my go-to beauty cure all. It lasts forever and makes me look awake and fresh when I’m feeling anything but.

Concealing away one morning I thought it would be great to do a giveaway on the blog of this trusted favorite. I took a trip to my beloved Cos Bar on Coast Village Road to see if they would consider partnering for a giveaway on the blog.

cos bar boutique

Ok, I have to digress here for a minute to talk about the store. This amazing makeup store is a wonderful gem in Montecito.  It’s full service in that old school way of the customer is always right and wait, Val just sit for a minute and let me touch up your make-up even though you’re just heading to Petco. I always leave feeling better about myself, usually with a new lipstick and a sample of some delicious smelling perfume.

So back to the giveaway, please stay with me here, it’s worth it. When I mentioned it to Marcella she answered back with, “Why not do a giveaway of all your favorite things?” So, feeling a little bit Oprah with the urge to shout, “one in every color!” we put together this beautiful giveaway valued at over $400(!) —all with the hopes to make you feel a little more beautiful this summer.

cos bar

This basket of goodies is filled with all my favorite products to make you feel beautiful this summer!

Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner

(with our hard Santa Barbara water, this stuff does the trick)

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

(I’m going to start giving this to my new mom friends)

Cle de Peau Concealer

(of course)

Clarins Gentle Milk-Lotion SPF 20 Progressive Tanning

(protection and color—yes, please)

Guerlian Maxi Lash Mascara: one in black and one in violet

(this is the BEST mascara, ever and is usually sold out-add the violet to your tips for a wide-eyed look that is fab)

Sisley Deep Jungle Eye Pencil

(staple in my make-up bag)

Deborah Lippman Nail Polish: Sarah Smile and Mermaid’s Dream

(Marcella picked my favorite polish and my daughter’s favorite)

Sprayology Party Relief

(a hangover cure-all for the day after)

Small deluxe sample of Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream

(I just call it Natural Beast and it’s amazing)

Cos Bar favorite lip gloss from Guerlain

(a summer color that is the Cos Bar’s most popular)


Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post answering this question:

What’s the most beautiful thing about summer?

sarah smile mermaid

Forward this post on to your girlfriends/sisters/moms (the bigger the response the more giveaways we can do) and make sure they don’t miss out on any of the Eat Drink Garden fun:

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summer beauty

So, tell me— What’s the most beautiful thing about summer?

Our winner will be chosen at random, next Monday, June 24th at 12:00 PST. Please note, as much as we love all our international readers, this particular giveaway is open to readers in the United States only. A huge thank you to Cos Bar for this awesome package.


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94 thoughts on “A Beautiful Giveaway”

Cheers to that beautiful wine and the first day of summer:-)
Going to the beach and taking wine and cheese and watching the sunset.

Summer means freedom and craziness at my house with three children under 8! Outdoor entertaining, water-balloon fights, late night wine drinking with friends in the garden, hikes in the hills, hanging at the pool….I LOVE summer!
The beginning of summer year meant nibbling on the crumbs of the absolutely delicious almond polenta cake I made last night. It’s going to be a wonderful summer!

The best thing about Summer is the evenings in the Sierra Foothills! We have quite warm weather during the day, but around 7 or 8pm, a delicious breeze picks up and refreshes everything that has wilted a bit during the day.. (I include myself 😉 Evenings are spent on the back patio gazing at the refreshing pool under twinkly lights and massive Oaks.. Life is good!

The most beautiful thing about summer in Santa Barbara are the Concerts in the Park. People of all ages and backgrounds come together to listen to great music and enjoy the summer weather. It is the highlight of my summer.

Summer if my favorite season of the year. Even though I work full-time, it is such a feeling of relaxation, lazy days at the beach reading a book, grilling (even though I am in So Cal and do it all year round). I can go for a long walk after work, enjoy the sunset and renew. There are so many things I could say about summer.

The best thing is my grand daughter is Summer Raine — a throw back to hippy days.

The best thing about summer? The young readers at the library who proudly fill their book logs with the titles of their favorite books. Beyond that, I like the outdoor movies at the sunken gardens, dinners al fresco, fires in the fire pit and an occasional ice cream cone.

i think the most beautiful thing about summer is the weather, and the longer days! much more time to spend being active, , I love how hot it is and how, we can go swimming outside all day, or go hiking, just spending as much time oustide as we can!!! we always spend much more time together when it’s summer!

The most beautiful things about summer are munching on home grown vegis dipped in homemade herbed pesto, sipping refreshing local wines and cruising the garden to watch the bees get drunk on nectar; finally, at the end of the days plunging a la buff into our gorgeous new pool-what’s not to love?!!!

Summer is the promise of long, languid nights, early mornings sipping coffee and watching the chickens, watching the fog give way to the sun, concerts in the park, balmy days, harvesting vegetable, the meteor showers in August, keeping the windows open all day and all night, The Hollywood Bowl (even in the last row), clothes drying faster on the line than in the dryer, trying new produce at the farmer’s markets…..and the list just keeps on growing.

watching an afternoon thunderstorm roll in (I’m a Florida girlie) from the shelter of our back porch while sipping sauvignon blanc with my Sweetie Pie
it’s the coolest (literally!) part of the day…ahhhhhh!

Farmers Market~the smells of summer bar-b-q’s~fresh made lemonade.
Some of the things I like about summer:-)

The sound of my girls’ laughter as they skip through the surf mixed with the smells of BBQ and sunscreen — perfect bliss!

growing up in Michigan we lived for our Summers! Having moved to sunny Florida (4 years this 4th of July) Summer takes on a different meaning. Here my flowers bloom all year, during the summer I’m out in my garden learning what needs my plants have. I’m growing different type of flowers and vegetables and herbs that seem to take over on their own. I’m thrilled with have a garden year round. I’m able to relax while gardening and enjoy the rewards of beautiful plants!

My favorite things about summer are long lazy nights spent outside watching the stars, feeling the warm breeze and enjoying a cold margarita. I have my family and dogs sitting with me and it’s nights like those that I remember and look forward to all year long!

The smell of fresh cut grass:-)
and watching the baby birds eating from mama and papa birds.

The most beautiful thing of summer is eating all the fruit that’s available, like watermelon.

I always feel more beautiful during the summer. I offer myself a little more freedom to relax my look with a slight (SPF safe :)) flush on my cheeks and a natural wave in my hair. I treasure every moment spent outside with family and friends, and especially my most favorite activity of reading by the pool or on the beach. I also love the beautiful relaxed summer looks of tank tops and dresses. Easy, breezy and fun!

The most beautiful thing about summer is the feeling it leaves inside of me each day…a feeling that comes from long, lazy days, the fresh smell of flowers and the bountiful fresh vegetables the season produces. The children are joyful and carefree, and the evenings’ margaritas cold. 🙂

The most beautiful thing abut summer is the sound of my kids laughing as they splash around in the pool.

Having snuggly lazy mornings with the kids on the couch, spending lots of time outdoors, and of course bonfires and smores!

The best thing about summer is lazy mornings, juicy peaches, sugary strawberries, watermelon popsicles, long days at the beach, spicy margaritas, bbqs and grilling husbands, homemade ice cream, picking blueberries, summer whites, bare feet, lobster rolls, sand between your toes, digging for clams, no homework, happy kids, happy moms.

A beautiful summer to me is fresh fruit, BBQ with good friends out back, walking hand n hand with my husband on the beach at sunset and sitting on the porch sipping mojitos!

Thank God it is Summer! It is such a wonderful time because there is so much more energy saved with “lazy family time” – love it…lack of school schedules are certainly appreciated on these sunny days.

The most beautiful thing about summer is eating outside and NO HOMEWORK (for the kids) so we can enjoy after dinner walks as a family!!!

Summers in Colorado: beautiful sunsets, spontaneous thunderstorms, family BBQs, and adventures in the Rocky Mountains!

Aside from the break in routine, my absolute favorite thing about summer is our annual trip to the Florida Keys. Snorkeling, building sand castles, sunny days, warm water and lots of time with my hubby and three little chicks just makes me so happy.

Summer is….beach trips, lazy days with my 3 boys, outdoor dinners with friends and family, and lots of laughter.

These are a few of my favorite things… ; )

The warm ocean, sand in your shoes, sunsets at the biltmore wall, kids out of school, local farmer’s market peaches, and a bottle of rose shared with friends around the fire on a warm summer night.

Summer to me is: Warm Santa Barbara days, ice cold lemonades on the porch, kids, campfires and s’mores. Summer is finding a way to go home to Hawaii and feeling the ocean breezes, smelling the plumeria flowers, feeling the warm white sand on my toes, and listening to Jack Johnson sing on the radio. Summer is the most relaxed season.

Way to make a girl feel beautiful! I love it all and your fab blog. Thanks you for such amazing recipes!

Oh I think I missed the part about Summer. The best thing is getting to read and relax, on the beach, under a umbrella, with my man and a great book , while listening to the waves break on the shore.

cookies and cream ice cream, rose champagne, corn on the cob, rose champagne, grilled anything, summer fruits straight from the garden (i am so lucky that one of my best friends has the most amazing garden!) and…..rose champagne!

Endless daylight, summer fruits, sleeping in, justifiably doing nothing. Concerts, parties, the end of June Gloom and family holidays. My favorite is laying with the kids in the hammock in our very own backyard and pretending we are in a forest.

Fresh squeezed lemonade, playing in the back yard with the girls, seeing little teeth and lips covered with red strawberries from our garden.

SUMMER is…..
Sand, seashells, sun castles.
Universal and unending.
Mermaids, merry-go-rounds, magazines.
Mountain meadow memories.
Easy going evenings.
Rest, relax, remember me.

The most beautiful thing about summer is warm nights spent outside barbecuing with friends and family.

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