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Thank you to everyone who entered the summer beauty giveaway and a huge thanks to Cos Bar for putting together this fantastic package! It was fun to read all the answers about what makes summer beautiful to you. It’s a beloved season for many good reasons.

rose wine summer

For me, at the top of the list of what makes summer beautiful would be popping open that rosé. it is really the entry point to my summer list of obsessions. One sip and I’m hearing the giggles and joyful fits of laughter from the pool, feeling the sun warming my skin, smelling of our Santa Maria BBQ doing what it does best and tasting that first stone fruit of the season.

dahlias summer

That pale orangey-pink color of rosé is everywhere right now— in my rose garden, fresh peaches and nectarines, dahlias just starting to open and the slight strawberry tint in my daughter’s hair after long sunshine days.

Ok, how am I supposed to go back to work now? Without further ado, the Eat Drink Garden winner (chosen at random by the tech guy) of over $400 of my favorite summer beauty products is: Monica M. who commented, “My favorite things about summer are long lazy nights spent outside watching the stars, feeling the warm breeze and enjoying a cold margarita. I have my family and dogs sitting with me and it’s nights like those that I remember and look forward to all year long!”

summer beauty

Congrats, Monica!  Thank you, to all my favorite ladies at Cos Bar in Montecito and be on the lookout for more great giveaways soon.  Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Summer Giveaway Winner”

Thank you, Valerie, for offering such a beautiful “door prize,” web-style, and congrats to Monica! I just found your site, Valerie, a few days ago when web searching for pictures of Dr. Griffith Buck’s rose, “Serendipity,” and there was your exquisite arrangement of them. I thought: I have to order that rose and I have to join that web site. It’s the best web site I’ve come across in a long time. Following whatever task I’ve been doing, I find it gracefully allows me to slip into relaxation and enjoy some of the things I love to do: eat drink garden. So, this website is one of my new favorite things for summer (and year-round).and to have such wonderful company enjoying them with all of you ladies out there!

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