Escaping the Fog

foggy town

Santa Barbara is known for its “June Gloom” and just like clockwork, it descended on June 1st like a gray, drizzling, sad blanket. Last Sunday we couldn’t take it any longer. We loaded the car and scooted over the hill to Santa Ynez (sounds a little Clark W. Griswold, minus the family trickster in metallic pea). Blueberry picking, tree climbing, burger eating and animal watching—all in blissful sunshine. Just like that (well, until the next soggy morning) it felt like summer.


First stop, Santa Barbara Blueberries.

fresh blueberries

Our harvest, most of it made it home.


Getting a little buzzed.

alisal ranch

Stop at the Alisal Ranch for burgers and tree climbing.

horse sign

Good advice.

miniature horse

Mama with her two-day old baby.


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3 thoughts on “Escaping the Fog”

I’ve seen the berry-picking spots off 101 North, but where di you go to see the miniature horses — so cute, especially the baby!

Hi Angela!
The horse ranch is called Quicksilver Ranch. The address is 1555 Alamo Pintado Rd, Solvang, CA 9346. So adorable!

Thanks, Valerie! My husband and I will go up there tomorrow. I just hope we restrain ourselves from buying one and putting it in our back garden!

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