Garden: Going Gangbusters

first tomatoes

Everyday I could report something new happening in my garden. It’s unbelievable how many things are changing and growing at super speed.  It’s all fruit, flowers and happiness to this garden obsessed girl.

Here’s a little peek at what’s going on this week:

garden zucchini

Zucchini? Did someone say they need zucchini?

garden jalapeño

Bring the heat with a jalapeño line-up.

garden purple jalapeño

Purple jalapeño.

garden peaches

Really like your peaches…

Agapanthus at sunset, sounds like a book club suggestion.

Agapanthus at sunset, sounds like a book club suggestion.

garden apples

A little lover pair of fuji apples.

baby chicks

New baby chicks have made the move outside.


And doggy has now changed her obsession to the squirrel who lives in this tree.

And my new favorite project:

Near the rose garden are these strips of soil right up against a wall. The sun beats down all day, making it a dreamy spot to plant flowers. Arranging it in more of an English Garden style, I’ve filled it with all my favorite cutting blooms.

Layering colors of chocolate (Hot Cocoa roses, scabiosa, cosmos) with dusty pinks (Cafe au Lait dahlias, Liv Tyler David Austin roses, delphinium and hellebores)— I’m already drooling thinking of all the pretty bouquets in my future.

cutting garden

Every flower garden needs some Starbucks…

cutting garden

A chocolate cosmos, please.

To add some softness, I decided to plant variegated geraniums. Plant is rather a loose term, I just trimmed the stems and stuck them in the ground. I’ve had it work before, so we shall see what happens this time around.

garden flowers

These are known as pelargonium variegated — I had to look up that name BTW.

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9 thoughts on “Garden: Going Gangbusters”

You should make zucchini pancakes. My girls love them. We’re hoping to make it out to the lemonade stand this weekend.

i read your beautiful blog and you love your garden so much, it dawned on me….have you tried the new Garden Compass app from the itunes store? If you don’t know what something is (you know all your plants so that won’t apply) but let’s say one of your treasures gets a bug or disease, you can take a photo with the app and find out what it is within 24 hours.

Ok, So you made me so jealous once again! I am a few months away from beautiful produce like that. So cold and rainy still here, but the flowers love it and veggies are doing ok, but they really want hot weather! Perennials are great, annuals limping along. Still eating dishes made from last summer, but nothing like fresh veggies.

I forgot that I wanted to comment on the geraniums. Good for you, so easy to propagate, I dig mine up, put in pots in the house for the winter and take cutitungs, put them in water and they root. So I have double to plant outside, love them, so showy. and they bloom in the house. Another method for us cold climate people is to dig up and put in paper bags for the winter, but takes longer for them to come back. Ok, thanks for all the good info.

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