June: Pick Now!


This week I plucked the first tomato from my garden. Nothing brought me more joy than standing at my kitchen counter savoring it all on it’s own. No salt, no oil, no lemon or herbs—just an Early Girl tomato ripened to perfection. With tomato juice dribbling down my chin, I felt that special elation of a home gardener.

June is the springboard into all of summer’s great offerings. Just looking at the in season produce list below makes me excited. Be sure to take advantage of the best of this month and try out my Tomato Cobbler and Raw Green Bean Salad. For an easy, quick but totally delicious dessert check out my Cherry Clafouti, it really shows off one of June’s showstoppers.



Click above to see an interactive version of the map, giving you some facts about June’s showstoppers and lots of links to recipes for what’s in season now. And the PDF below gives you a pretty printable version. Post it up as a reference on the fridge or take it with you to the grocery store or farmers market.

Click to Download a Printable PDF of the Calendar

As always, throughout the month, I’ll be here sharing recipes and tips that show off the best of the June’s produce and flowers. Here’s to summer!

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