Where I Vive: Santa Barbara

santa barbara

Ah, Santa Barbara. For a small town there’s a lot going on lately that’s worth a look/taste/drink/purchase. Some new, some old and some reinvented…pretty much like SB itself.

les merchands

I’ve been spending more time that I care to admit at the new Les Marchands Wine Bar  in the middle of the funk zone. With a tasty international wine list, urban chic atmosphere and a retail wine store- do you blame me? I’ve been enjoying their small bites (if nothing else, try the tuna) and washing it down with Chablis.

les merchands

Love Mikana, the go-to online guide for SB for the eating/shopping/being trifecta is now called the Santa Barbara Skinny—I’m glad at least one of us is feeling thin.

mattie's tavern

OK, so technically this is a little out of town, but the quick skip hop and a jump up to the newly reopened Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos is totally worth it. Gorgeous decor, new owners and a legit chef make it a great choice for eating and drinking here in town, or right out of town— try the rotisserie chicken, it’s worth any amount of drive time.

mattie's tavern

Long gone are the days of calling it the ghetto Von’s, it’s now officially the Montecito Country Mart with Intermix, Calypso, Rori’s and other fab stores moving in (don’t even get me started on what’s happening in the Upper Village). It is still home to Von’s, which makes for some dangerous grocery runs. Anyone need me to fetch them some butter? Anyone? Please?!?



It feels like Susan Pitcher’s Dressed and Ready boutiques just opened up on Coast Village Road. Come to find out, they are celebrating 10 years of being open. I recently did a little Q & A with them that was super fun.


Photo from DressedSB

The Wine Cask is turning the big 3-0 with a big celebration at the end of the month – wait, I thought I just went to the 20th anniversary party? Ouch. I think I need to make a stop at Les Merchands and soak in their soft, dreamy lighting…

les merchands

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5 thoughts on “Where I Vive: Santa Barbara”

Thanks for the update on all the great changes going on in SB! I’ll be a busy girl when I come back out for a visit! Any word on the opening of the SB Public Market?

I went to Mattie’s tavern a few weeks ago with some friends for a birthday party. My friend knew one of the owners so we got the tour from Robbie and he shared his vision with us. His plans are amazing! I love the atmosphere, very relaxed and kid friendly. And the food! We ordered everything on the menu (really, lol) and I think the chicken was my favorite, too. It’s a little trip from Montecito to get there, but totally worth it!

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