Roasted Fennel and Carrot Soup

carrot and fennel soup

My kids are on a soup kick lately, which is awesome. Soup is perfect for those weeknights when we are all running in different directions. It’s healthy, nutrient-rich and easily gluten-free.

I made a huge batch of this roasted fennel and carrot soup the other day and it was an all-around hit. The kids love it plain, but don’t pass on the garnishes‑ they totally elevate the entire experience (Personally, I’m heavy handed with those red chili flakes).

soup garnishes

It’s great to make a batch of this soup on Monday, heating up a mug of leftovers for a quick lunch later in the week. Is it just me, or is lunch the hardest meal to swing for a mom?

Roasted Fennel and Carrot Soup

Serves 6


7-8 large carrots large dice (4 heaping cups)

2 large fennel bulbs, large dice and reserve some fronds for garnish

1 large yellow onion, sliced

1 teaspoon fennel seeds (optional)

2 teaspoon salt, divided

4 tablespoons olive oil, divided

Cracked pepper

2 tablespoons honey

1-2 tablespoons lime juice (add 1 tablespoon first, taste and then see if you need more)

The same goes for salt. Taste for seasoning, adding more salt if need be.


Garnish with avocado, fennel fronds, feta and red pepper flakes


Set your oven to 375 degrees.  You’ll need two sheet pans.


One sheet pan is for carrots, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a crack or two of pepper. The other pan is for onion and fennel, with 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon fennel seeds, a crack or two of pepper and 2 tablespoons of olive.  Mix the ingredients on a sheet pans with your hands or large spoon and roast both for 40-45 minutes.


Check after 30 minutes to make sure everything is cooking well and not getting too toasted. Give the pans a little shake to move the ingredients around and ensure even cooking. Take the roasted vegetables from the pan and with 4 cups of water add to a blender, or even better a Vitamix. Puree until smooth. Check the consistency and add more water if needed to get your desired texture.


Then into a pot it goes with the honey and lime, bring to boil. Taste for seasoning and garnish accordingly.

roasting carrots

onion and fennel

vitamix magic


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8 thoughts on “Roasted Fennel and Carrot Soup”

Val just wondering in the pic you hve a shallot and cl of garlic were you out of yellow onion as no mention of those two items in recipe? Roast at 400? Sounds delicious and will try this week.

Jean! Thank you!!! I made the necessary adjustments to the recipes but bake for 375 and stick with the yellow onion. I took the photo of the ingredients when I was recipe testing and I didn’t end up using the garlic. As for the shallot? I don’t know how in the heck that guy snuck in there! Hope you like the recipe. Will you let me know how it goes?

I have enjoyed following your blog. I am a member of the Garden Club of America and on a National Committee. Our committee has decided to meet in Santa Barbara next March rather than our usual NYC HQ’s and I wondered of you had any restaurants, hotels and gardens to tour that you would take the time to suggest. This is a group of about 15 women who all are passionate about food, gardening and wine! Thanks, julie

Sorry for my late response, Julie! If you gals are Garden Club members don’t miss Lotusland or the Casa del Herrero Here are some recommendations for restaurants and shopping I would also add a drink or lunch at The Biltmore (spectacular ocean views) and dinner downtown at the Hungry Cat. Hope this is helpful, have FUN!!!

I made a half recipe in my vitamix entirely (except for the roasting) and it is delicious! I didn’t have any fennel seeds and had just a very small onion but still amazing. Thank you!

Literally the best carrot fennel soup I’ve ever tasted! The recipe is perfect, I am a notorious recipe changer in my family and I never change this recipe. I’ve made this about 6 times and am making it again tonight! My 5 year old gobbles this up!

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