The Chickens Came First

first egg

It happened, our first egg! We had been waiting, wishing and dreaming for this moment. I had it all planned out that I would make my one simple egg recipe, gathering around the plate we would each take a bite, savour and celebrate. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to crack it open and use it. Maybe because it’s the perfect shade of blue?

chicken nesting

I do need some help. How do I get my chickens to lay eggs in their nesting boxes? I found our second egg splattered on the bottom of the coop this morning. Do those decoy eggs in the nesting boxes work?

In completely unrelated news, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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9 thoughts on “The Chickens Came First”

Happy Halloween Valerie! Yes, decoy eggs work:) What material do you have in your nesting boxes? We are using pine needles and white golf balls right now and that is doing the trick! Try it! I’m Nancy’s sister in Santa Fe. I believe you have plenty of pine needles about. The chickens love a sturdy nest to lay. Your coop is so beautiful you might want to get some of the beautiful blue glass eggs. Happy Halloween!!

CONGRATULATIONS! Super exciting! We had our first egg on Saturday so I know the thrill you had when you found that gem! On Sunday, though, that hen flew over our fence and laid her egg in the bushes! I clipped all of their wings and found another egg yesterday in the coop so who knows. In any case, I’ve heard golf balls in their nesting bins help…Congratulations again! Such a fun adventure!

I had chickens when I lived in the Chianti countryside in Italy. I hung baskets on the walls of the coop (to make the hens feel safe) and put a marble egg in each basket (the Italians swear by this). The eggs were DELICIOUS!! Very large and orange yolks.

I fed them leftover minestrone soup, coarse cornmeal, and their own egg shells finely crushed into the mix. They LOVED this combination! As soon as I let them out of the coop every morning and they heard me in the house preparing their food, they were so impatient they would literally hop up the outside flight of steps into the kitchen and walk around clucking for me to hurry up.

I had five chickens and more eggs than i could eat. I sold the extras to the dairy store in the village in exchange for milk or butter. The owner would put them in the window in a little bowl with a sign saying, “Fresh, local eggs”. He always sold out. Good luck!

My sister has chickens at her house in Napa and the little wooden nesting eggs as well as a quiet, private place to lay worked for her 🙂

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