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For the last two months, I was tentatively booked to be in NYC for ten days right around this date. It was a special, once-in-a lifetime experience that sadly fell through. When I was cut out of the action I did shed some real tears (and not the pretty kind) of disappointment.

I crawled into bed that night feeling rejected and sorry for myself. Then, the next morning the sadness was gone and replaced with total elation realizing that I had just received the best gift ever, the gift of time. Ten days of holiday bliss with my family, a clear calendar with no commitments, Christmas parties I could now attend…it was a true gift, even if it came in tear-stained wrappings.

four seasons holiday

However, my gift for you today is coming wrapped up in a four-star bow. I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Four Seasons Biltmore down the road in Montecito for this wonderful Lap of Luxury Giveaway. Filled with the holiday spirit, The Four Seasons Biltmore is giving away a one-night deluxe accommodation stay and breakfast for two at their ocean view restaurant, Bella Vista, to one lucky Eat Drink Garden reader.

fountain biltmore

This resort is the ultimate in Santa Barbara beauty and luxury. Gorgeous Spanish Colonial architecture, amazing gardens full of flowers and palms around every corner and yes, Butterfly Beach is just across the way. It is lovely, special and pricey—but enter here and it can all be yours for one night (please note, reservation is subject to availability).

How to enter this ultimate stocking stuffer? Just leave a comment below telling us: What’s the best unexpected gift you’ve ever received? 

butterfly beach montecito

We will be taking entries through Dec. 17, 9:00 PM PST. The winner will be selected at random, so just share the first thing that comes to mind and good luck! I’m thankful to the Four Seasons Biltmore for their generosity and I’m thankful for all my faithful readers, you are a gift to me.

So tell us, What’s the best unexpected gift you’ve ever received? 

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138 thoughts on “Four Seasons Biltmore Giveaway”

Not the most unexpected gift, but I was so thrilled the day my chickens starting laying eggs. It’s like getting a present everyday.

I just receved the most unexpected gift last weekend! After thinking I was seeing my grandfather for the last time 9 years ago my girls and I got to hug and kiss him in person once more! He is now 93 years old and got some news about his heart not lasting much longer so he decided to get on a plane (even though he swore off planes 9 years ago) to see his great grand children and the grand canyon. It was the most special time, one that my girls and I will never forget. I received many words of wisdom and Ella and Cloe can look at their pictures with great fondness knowing that they actually got to meet their great Pop Pop in person! What a wonderful unexpected Christmas present! Talk about a tearful long goodbye this time… Cherish the ones you love everyday! Merry Christmas:)

Opening the door to discover my cousin had flown from Amsterdam to L.A. as a surprise for my mother’s 80th birthday.

I was laid off from a job I kind of hated, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to quit. That little push was a pretty unexpected and great gift.

A few years ago, when my husband came home from deployment earlier than expected, in time for Christmas with family.

Best gift, used every day, was an espresso machine (italian + automatic) from my daughter, as a house warming gift. Love it, several times daily!

My clinic at the y, given by the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. It has aloud me to have a place to implement all of my ideas on treating and preventing childhood obesity with my dream team. I feel so blessed to do what I love for those who need it most with a team who wears their hearts on their sleeves everyday. The sky is the limit! It is an incredible blessing.

Getting engaged in front of my Christmas tree and then getting married at the Biltmore. It was a dream come true and would love to go back to our special place!

My offer to join a startup called in Santa Barbara. I never dreamed I could enjoy a job and a town so much in my life. The gift was the many friends I made, the career I was able to build, and the life I was able to enjoy there. I miss it and you guys.

It’s been so fun reading all these great stories, thanks for the forum, Valerie! I thought and thought and basically came down to my whole life! I just could never have expected it to turn out how it has and I’m grateful daily for the lot of it!

One year, in addition to a couple of small “Stocking Stuffers”, I had placed an order for my husband’s big present. I was so saddened when the end of the day on Christmas Eve arrived – and the present had not. Then at 8:45 PM the doorbell rang and there stood the FedEx carrier! (I wonder if he had ever before seen tears fall as he handed over a package?)

The news from my single nursing student daughter that she was pregnant! Now 5 years later I realize she gave me the greatest gift- my beautiful grandson- someone new to love:)!

The best unexpected gift I ever received is my Sophie who just turned 3. She is my gift from God! ….and Eric Ha!

The best gift was when I was 10 years old, and my dad had been in the hospital with a heart attack. Fortunately he was fine, and got to come home! Best ever…:)

The best gift i have received is the gift of my granddaughter,I have raised her from the time she was 10 years old,my daughter died in 1999 and she gave me my granddaughter to raise,thats by far the best gift i have ever received!!!!

Best gift was to realize life gives you second chances. Expect the unexpected ! It’s all how you perceive it. Love

Last year on Christmas, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child!

Best present ever!

Finding out that my wife was pregnant with not one child but two was, far and away, the greatest and most unexpected gift of my life!


My husband surprised me by flying my Mum out to California from England a few years ago! I had no clue when I opened my front door that night who would be standing there! I almost had a heart attack!!

My most unexpected was a cuff bracelet from my Father. He never gave us such a personal gift, he had 7 of us. He had taken his last trip to the Mexican Riviera, his fav vacation spot, before he passed. I wear it everyday, running, work, play one of the best reminders of what a good man my father was.

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