Dip it, Dip it Good

super bowl dip

Casual and thoughtful aren’t mutually exclusive — even on Super Bowl Sunday. Offer delicious fresh dips with those chips and veggies, keep the beer cold and the water flowing, use silver trays and pretty bowls to corral your snacks, simplify so things can be done in advance. Then, you can sit down and enjoy the game (ok, the commercials and half-time show). If you’re comfortable and relaxed, your guests will be too.

Here’s a selection of my most tasty, most requested, most made dips. Whether you are dipping fresh radishes, carrot sticks, classic potato chips, gluten free crackers or chicken wings — all of these are EDG champions.

Chilled Goat Gouda Dip: This addictive dip is cold, crumbly, zesty and perfect with pita chips and a chaser of Sauvignon Blanc.

super bowl dips

Whipped Feta: If we had a “house dip” this would be it. Pretty much any vegetable, bread, or cracker will make a fantastic vehicle for this lip-smacking crowd pleaser.

super bowl dips

Bean Dip: This recipe is basically my variation of refried beans — serve it up with tortilla chips you’ve warmed in the oven. Muy Bueno!

super bowl dips

Gorgonzola Dip: Give those wings an upgrade with this creamy, tangy dip; it’s also great with crisp veggies.

super bowl dip

Ranch (Classic):  This is so good you basically want to fall head first into it and lick the bowl clean. Enough said.

super bowl dips

Ranch (Vegan): With more and more friends hopping on the vegan train, I’m constantly on the hunt for easy recipes to satisfy the needs of our varied guest list.

vegan recipes

Hosting a Super Bowl Party this weekend? Check out some of my favorite game day tips here and you’ll be set, with time to pour yourself a glass of wine before kick-off.

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3 thoughts on “Dip it, Dip it Good”

These dips are the best! I have tried them all and they are better than you can find anywhere and so easy to make! Thanks for sharing Val!

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