A Romantic Little Bite

french berries

For me, the most romantic food is not lobster or caviar; it’s a bowl of the smallest of strawberries. This deep emotional connection to these jeweled little treasures start where all the best romance stories begin, Paris. My husband is the man with a plan, and our engagement story is the stuff of movie scenes. A warm summer night in Paris, twinkle lights in the elegant courtyard of the Ritz Hotel, violins playing as we feasted on course after course of Parisian deliciousness. It really felt and still feels like a dream.

alpine strawberries

For dessert, we were served the smallest bowl of dainty, wild strawberries, fraises des bois or “strawberries of the woods.” These petite powerhouses were bursting with the most intense flavor. From that moment on, those bright berries became a touchstone to that special evening when the man of my dreams asked me to be his wife.

Fast forward a good ten years, two kids, a few moves, a dog, a turtle and countless goldfish and the endless hunt for strawberries that compared to that first bowl of sweetness. I should’ve known from the start where to go — home. I found these Alpine strawberries at Island Seed and Feed, planted them in our yard and have been rewarded with a little taste of that Paris magic year around.

berries in the garden

alpine strawberries

These do best when they can cascade over the ledge of a pot.

Here I sit in front of the computer screen, my old Lulu’s covered in flour from making sugar cookies for my daughter’s class party, figuring out how to prepare for a Brownie meeting with a focus on Bunny Mats, and still rattled from the drama of making sure all those school valentines are done and still, just a glimpse of these berry photos makes me smile.

For our Valentine’s Day dinner for two at home, the plan is to make cracked crab legs on BBQ, served with a green salad and a small bowl of these Alpine strawberries for dessert. With the kids parked in front of movie, we’ll close the door and enjoy each bite.

special berries

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11 thoughts on “A Romantic Little Bite”

Love this! I, too, have a special place in my heart for tiny wild strawberries. It is a tradition in Sweden to berry pick in the woods. It’s an early summer right of passage. Their taste is incomparable, but as you said, it’s those lovely memories that make them ever so magical! I also love how romantic you are! The farthest out I’d thought was maybe going out for tacos with the bambinos, but even that was just a fleeting thought as I scramble to get ready for the kids’ vday parties, haha:). You’re husband is lucky to have whisked you away all those years ago:)!!

Strawberries – I have a birth mark on my upper right leg in the shape of, yep, a strawberry and my mother told me it was a result of her being frighten while picking wild strawberry’s.lol
As a teen I was always teased about it when at the local swimming hole or whenever I wore shorts. As I grew my my strawberry birth marrk developed into the shape of a heart. It became my sarcastic valentine trait until I told the story behind it to the gal of my life 27 years ago. She thought it to be such a moving story I never felt uncomfortable with it being exposed again. To this day whenever we pick, eat or thaw out the strawberries from our garden there is always a romantic sentimental comment that reflects back to that first moment. This story may not have the same romantic overtone as Val’s but one can say that strawberries can take you to places in life one cannot imagine.

Ah, the tiny sweet strawberries! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ones myself. I finally tracked down a cutting of the elusive Fairfax I’m babying along, but till then maybe I’ll plant some alpines to get my fix! Thanks for the inspiration!

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