Fresh Orange Blossom Tea

orange blossom tea

In the evenings, the scent of the orange blossoms fills the air, making you giddy with its amazing fragrance. God, if I could bottle that scent and sell it at the Cos Bar! Coming home from dinner last night that sweet, fresh scent hit me hard from our orange trees. I may have actually swooned. It was still on my mind this morning. Slipping on my flip-flops, grabbing my camera and scissors, I set out to try something new.

orange blossom tea

Irma, our longtime house helper, had told me that her father in Mexico would wake her every morning with fresh orange blossom tea. Irma said it’s used to calm your nerves. To keep my nerves calm, I doubled checked the safety and fresh orange blossoms checked out.

Irma taught me her father’s technique and it made simply the most beautiful, fragrant, special cup of tea. One sniff and sip was all it took for me to understand the dreamy, content look on Irma’s face as she shared the secrets of this beautiful cup of love.

orange blossom tea

I’m not sure how to explain it, except that everything about it feels delicate, pretty and special — the color, the bright citrus notes and the feeling that you are sipping the extract of magical petals. It can be served hot or iced and it is so easy to make. If you’re in the lucky bunch to have orange trees in your backyard, you’ll want to make this tea a morning tradition in your home.

Fresh Orange Blossom Tea

Here’s how easy it is.


Choose citrus trees that are not sprayed with chemicals.

Pick your blossoms and leaves in the morning, when the sun hasn’t hit the buds.

Gently wash and separate the blossom (I use buds, too) and leaves — I had a few ants hanging out.


Place four cups of water in a pot and bring to boil.

Once the water boils, add 10 flowers and 10 leaves. Simmer for five minutes with the lid on.

Strain and enjoy.

valerie rice china

This tea tastes best in one of your prettiest teacups.

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10 thoughts on “Fresh Orange Blossom Tea”

Fantastic….Orange Blossoms are my favorite scent! And yes, it does come in a bottle ~ Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume ~! Can’t start my day without it…it reminds me of growing up in Santa Barbara!

Orange Blossom Tea!! What a an unexpected treat this am. I just planted two new orange trees this week and have always loved the scent of those blossoms…. thought I would have a taste test with my son Santino for breakfast before school. In his most monotone morning voice, my teenager spoke. ” Hey Dad this is really good”. was more than a grunt… I was pleased… Thanks Val and thanks Irma. As long as there are blossoms We will
have Orange Blossom Tea.


What an incredible idea and sweet story to put it into context! Thank you, I am going to try it today with my freshly flowering orange trees!

thank you for the recipe….my grandmother would dry the blossoms and make tea for me to soothe my cramps, it worked.

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