Green Flowers

floral arrangments

Green in the garden is obvious, but don’t overlook green in the vase as well. I love the feeling of green flowers in my home — happy, fresh and pure. Green flowers remind me of a squeaky clean first grader, stepping off the bus to class on a sunny morning.

Unusual flowers

Dianthus, quince blossoms and chocolate scented geraniums.

green landscaping

Baby tears and succulents make for a beautiful juxtaposition.

succulent centerpieces

I found these Donkey Tails for $6.99 at Albertson’s and replanted in rustic pots (with felt pads on the bottom) for the dinner table.

green flowers

Fresh, spring green was the inspiration point for this arrangement I created for my parents’ anniversary.

small bouquets

I’m trying to sprout Crassifolia on my windowsill. These little bottles of green mixed with candlelight would be pretty on a table.

tulip arrangment

I’ve trained my doggy well.


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4 thoughts on “Green Flowers”

I love green flowers, especially hydrangeas. I used to grow Limelight hydrangeas when I lived in PA. I highly recommend them. They changes color from white, to chartreuse to pink. 🙂 plus, they are one of the few hydrangeas that grows in full sun. 🙂

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