How Does Your Garden Grow?

santa barbara garden

It finally happened, last weekend the sky opened up and rain belted down like blessings from the gods. Mid-drought we all bowed in acknowledgement of this precious gift, including the garden.

santa barbara garden

Prior to this downfall/windfall I’ve been obsessed with getting my garden to produce (flourish seems like asking too much) despite the lack of rain and water resources.

rain buckets

As the rain pelted down, the girls helped me set out flower buckets all over the yard to collect water to use in the garden after the storm passed. Even in the chicken coop, a watering bucket caught drips from the drain.

santa barbara rain

santa barbara garden

While we won’t go chasing waterfalls anytime soon, we’re thankful to soak up every last drop and pray for more. I’ve been optimistically watching the garden hoping it will get to work and help me get dinner on the table.

garden rose

First bloom of the season. Gentle Hermione is much brighter than her usual pale hue.

How is your garden faring these days?

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2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

I was very happy to discover your blog recently because I live in Santa Barbara also! I have been growing vegetables throughout the winter with some success. A lot of things didn’t do too well due to short days, less sun and cooler weather. I was surprised that even some greens didn’t thrive as I thought they preferred that kind of weather. But I did get a wonderful crop of cauliflower.

Now I am starting to think about summer veggies. Since you are in the same area as me, I wondered if you could share some of your favorites – especially tomatoes. Both for taste and success in growing.

I really like your blog!

I’ll be starting tomatoes and other summer veg shortly and keep you posted about what I plant. Thanks for your sweet comment, neighbor!

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