The Weather Channel~ Garden Party Inspiration


Planning a garden party is difficult, even for experts. For amateur party planners, it’s that much harder. If you’re planning an outdoor fete of your own, we’ve rounded up some of the best inspiration looks to get you started.

Take baby showers. They present a unique challenge: should the design be cutesy or elegant? Valerie Rice, author of lifestyle blog Eat, Drink, Garden, chose elegant for her sister’s special celebration, opting for tasteful, earthy, white and green tones. Wicker placemats and ornamental, black candle-holders round out the look.

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One thought on “The Weather Channel~ Garden Party Inspiration”

Val, those 12 pages were absolutely GORGEOUS! I picked a lot of inspiring event ideas. The tables, lights, flower decors, setting–just everything. Thank you for citing other inspirational sites. I could use this a thousand times.

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