Chicken Coop

chicken coop

I don’t consider myself an obsessive person. I love fresh food but won’t pass up a burger and fries. I love fashion but often can be found in a tee and flip-flops. I try to approach life with a rational and easy manner that doesn’t get locked on anything too much…why do I feel the need to make this disclaimer? Because I completely own the fact that my over the top chicken coop is the result of my obsession with designing a home for my feathered friends.

chicken coop

Welcome. We used leftover brick and stone for the edging and path.

The coop in our backyard started off as a little place that was just not big enough for my growing brood. With a bloodthirsty dog in our midst we needed to have protection and room to roam. So, I got to work with our handyman (not my husband, who’s a wonderful man with many gifts but none that involve a hammer and nail) and this was what we created, aptly deemed the Coop Deville.

chicken coop

Open slats over the pen allow for fresh air and also protect from looming hawks.

chicken coop

Storage for food and supplies that offers easy access to me, not so easy for critters.

chicken coop

Putting all that wine we drink to good use.

chicken coop

I chose a dark grey to match the trim of our Spanish style house, that was also the inspiration for the hardware.

chicken coop

Water from the drain pipe flows down into this beauty and collects in a bucket below.

chicken coop

Here’s a full scale view of the compound.

I still get giddy collecting eggs. Everytime.

I still get giddy collecting eggs. Every time.

chicken coop

Yes, I’m obsessed. I’m also very happy. I think the chickens are too.

All of these beautiful photos captured by Evan Janke 

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12 thoughts on “Chicken Coop”

I really do look forward to reading your blog ….however, the recent changes you have made require that I now need to have on reading glasses to see the text which is small and pale

What a spectacular setup! Your chickens are very lucky, as chickens go, and hopefully they reward you accordingly.

Our community is having a chicken coop tour today! Isn’t that fun? Mine is not on the tour…….too shabby, un-chic~ heehee

Janet….to make the text larger, try clicking on the “command” and “+” keys at the same time. Keep clicking until you get the size you need. Hopefully, it will work on your computer.

I have two pigeons and a guinea pig all packed to move into your chicken mansion (I mean coop).. One of the pigeons is famous:)

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