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spring flowers

Does it look like I’ve had a little work done? If we’re talking about the blog, the answer is yes. Welcome to the latest version of eat drink garden. I always find myself drawn towards making things fresh and pretty — be it a meal, white plates on the table or small bouquet of  peonies at my desk. Fresh and pretty is my hope with the new look and functionality here. This has been a work in progress/labor of love for some time, but all the revisions and learning (or at least pretending to learn) the tech jargon has been worth it because when I take a look it makes me happy.


I want to make you happy, too. Our goals were to make it easier to navigate, keep the look clean and make it simple to find what your heart desires — from garden to guacamole you’ll find it here. Actually, you can archive back through five years of posts! Be kind with some of the earlier ones, the recipes may still be great but the photos and copy feel dated to me. Your recipe box is still here and loaded with all your saved recipes. It just made a move to the side bar underneath the picture of me in the garden looking better than I ever do in the garden (thanks, Evan).


valerie rice


Welcome. Please make yourself at home and stay awhile. Cheers!



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4 thoughts on “Fresh and Pretty”

I’ve always loved your site/blog. Hoping you can help… I have 40 people coming for a farm-to-table dinner in my backyard. I’d love to serve a special cocktail but I basically need to have this pre-made for guests. Any recipes to share?

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