Quick Pickled Jalapeños

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I was in a NYC taxi when I a fielded a call from Good Housekeeping asking me what I always have on hand in my refrigerator. All I could think about was the jar of pickled jalapeños waiting for me back home in Santa Barbara. It was hot and I was missing Mexican food. My first thought really should’ve been wine, because we all know that is always in my fridge. However, in NYC wine was in ample supply.

pickled jalapenos

It’s great to have these pickled jalapeños on hand and not just for Mexican food. They’re quick to make, no canning necessary — just mix up the ingredients and store in your fridge. These guys up the flavor on all sorts of things — crunchy arugula wraps, sandwiches (chop them up and mix into your mayo), on top of good ol’ delivery pizza, diced and tossed into quinoa salads or stuffed into hamburgers.

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You can grow jalapeños in Santa Barbara, but for me they never seem to be spicy enough. I think you need pretty extreme heat to grow truly spicy jalapeños. I usually do a mix of some from my garden and some from the produce store or even Von’s. Do you know the trick for picking a spicy jalapeño?

pickled jalapenos

Word to the wise, from one not so much: Make sure you put your contacts in before you handle the jalapeños. It pretty much sucks when you try and put them in after. Your husband may wonder if he should call the paramedics. Not smart. Not pretty. Not fun.

Quick Pickled Jalapeños

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar

1 cup water

1 tablespoon salt

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 teaspoon coriander

5-6 jalapeños


Mix together the first six ingredients in a measuring cup and stir until salt has dissolved. Using a paring knife, slice the jalapeños in 1/8″ slices. Discard the stem but keep those seeds, they add to the spice and flavor. Stuff the jalapeño slices in a clean mason jar and pour the liquid and seeds over the slices. Cover and store in your fridge. Will be ready to enjoy in 24 hours.

pickled jalapenos

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11 thoughts on “Quick Pickled Jalapeños”

This recipe is a a must try! I was lucky enough to make these jalapenos with Val one afternoon and I’ve been begging her for the recipe ever since. Be prepared, however , to double and triple the recipe as you will want to eat a jar in one sitting!

I am going to try this this weekend. In the meantime, I wanted to say that I learned a great way to cut onions, peppers etc. In addition to wearing gloves for the jalapenos and making sure I don’t rub my eyes (speaking from experience), I put the fan on above my stove and I cut them on a board on top of the stove. It is like a miracle, and the only way that I can cut these things without killing my eyes!

How long do these peppers keep when prepared as you suggest? I have a TON of super hot peppers (don’t know what they are called as I planted them last year). Trying to figure out a way for them to keep and not go to waste:-)

Hi Lu! I’m in the same boat over here at Casarice. They will last several weeks in your fridge and always use a clean fork to remove the pickles when you need them.

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