Summer Garden Recipes

santa barbara garden

We returned home to a summer garden abundant with goodness. I’ll be busy in the kitchen this weekend and we will be feasting on some of my favorite summer recipes. I’ve shared some links below to my tried and true hits that show-off summer’s bounty.

garden bush beans

Dragon Tongue beans

Looking forward to a batch of Early Girl Tomato soup.

garden tomatoes

This baby is going to become Grilled Eggplant with Feta.

summer garden

Finally grew some jalapeños that are HOT. Perhaps Roasted Salsa with Tomatillos?

garden jalapeno

These guys came out of nowhere. Perfect timing for my 4th standby, Raw Green Bean Salad.


Hundreds of mulberries, all clustered on one branch. Mulberry Cocktail (or mocktail) anyone?

mulberry cocktail

Even if I’m not ready to host a 4th of July shindig, my flowers are good to go.

red flowers

white flowers

summer garden

I’m looking forward to sharing some new summer recipes with you now that we’re back home from NY. How’s your summer garden coming along?

summer garden


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6 thoughts on “Summer Garden Recipes”

So jealous of your pomegranate tree! Have one here in SF but it’s just not that happy. Always inspired by your posts.

I stare at my tomatoes every day watching for a ripe one. All my plants got in a bit late since I started from seed. I’m getting some japalenos and relleno chiles. Will have to try your Raw Green Bean Salad when the beans are ready
Mulberries? I like that!
Your trip to upstate NY made me recall growing up on Long Island and traveling there. It’s so beautiful.
I’m enjoying the recent SB weather that hasn’t been too much June Gloom!

Good for you, starting from seed, Vickie! Hopefully this beautiful weather will get you some red tomatoes soon. Happy planting!

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