Botanical Bar

botanical bar

Photos by Jess Wilcox

I loved teaming up with Flutter Magazine for their most recent issue. This publication is aimed at the bridal community, but it’s a fabulous resource for party and style inspiration. Flutter is also a gorgeous glimpse into stunning Santa Barbara; these quarterly issues are absolutely coffee table worthy.

flutter magazine

Onto the booze, what is a botanical bar anyway? For me, it’s a way to take an ordinary tonic drink and make it fancy. I went with my beloved gin here, but Justine, you can use vodka! Set out fresh herbs, limes and cucumbers along with your alcohol and tonic and then let guests create their own custom cocktail. Gorgeous hand painted menus, created by Design House of Moira gave guests suggestions of how to put together their own stellar cocktail.

botanical bar

botanical bar

Botanical Bar

Yields 1 cocktail

Choose Your Herb(s):

Basil – Cilantro – Lemon Verbena – Mint – Thyme

Choose Your Fruit:

Cucumbers, Limes, Meyer Lemons

Step 1:

Snip your herbs of choice. Place in the bottom of a tall glass with two slices of citrus. Gently muddle.

Step 2:

Add 2oz gin. Top with ice.

Step 3:

Add tonic to your heart’s desire.

Step 4:

Garnish with more herbs and fresh citrus.


botanical bar

 Note: when choosing herbs, lemon verbena, cilantro, basil, thyme, mint or chamomile are all winners. A lot of these herbs are already used in gin anyway, so they will enhance the natural flavors. Try to steer away from rosemary, which will overwhelm and lavender that will most likely turn a tad bitter if its fresh.

gin and tonic

flutter magazine

A huge thanks you to the amazingly talented photographer Jess Wilcox who shot all of these beautiful photos.  She’s one for the Rolodex! Also, thanks are in order to Kelly Oshiro who headed up the styling with ease and fun. They both made me look great, what’s not to gloat about?

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Val, these look beautiful. I wish it was after 5pm right now. I feel like a lush thinking about gin before I have cleaned my teeth in the morning.;)

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