Fruit Tree Tip

fruit tree tips

The fruit trees in our garden have transformed into super givers. Just take a peek at our pomegranate tree from last week’s salad post. In the last 18 months we’ve gone from so-so fruit production to churning out fruit like chocolate on a conveyer belt ‑- I Love Lucy, anyone? Even with our hot, drought-ridden weather we are scrambling to keep up with the bounty, maybe we should consider a stand at the farmers market….

fruit tree tip

Yuzu tree

I’d like to take credit for this transformation, but it should go to Ernesto, my partner in garden crime (and hand model in this post). He shared his simple trick that has made all the difference for our trees — spray your trees weekly with a mild, soapy water solution.

fruit tree tip

Bad bacteria and bugs love to hang out right at the leaf origination point on your tress. This causes low fruit production and that crimping of the leaves. The soap spray acts as an insecticide and removes those pesky bad bugs while allowing the good ones to hang around a little longer. The leaves look dark and lovely and your fruit production increases.

fruit tree tip

There are only a couple of things needed to work some fruit wonder in your yard:

First, you need to use a mild soap like Dawn or Gain.  If you use something too concentrated you risk killing off the good bacteria as well. Also, mild soap won’t harm pets or kids and it’s cheap!

fruit tree tip

Then, you need to track down one of these cool spray nozzles that let you mix up a solution of soap and water. They are also called a soap and rinse nozzle.

fruit tree tip

Here’s what to do:

Add .5 ounces of soap to the fill area of the nozzle attachment. This should be enough soap for about 4 trees.

Fill the rest of the tube with water.

First, set the nozzle to mist or the lightest setting and spray the plant completely.

Second, switch nozzle to shower setting and rinse the plant completely.

It’s best to do this in the morning when it’s cool to keep your plants and trees from burning.

fruit tree tip

All mixed and ready to go.

fruit tree tip

For the first spray turn the nozzle to the lowest setting.

Once we began employing this trick each week the results were nothing short of magical. The leaves became healthy and glossy and fruit production has been crazy. We’ve had such success that we’ve started spraying weekly about every fruiting thing in the garden — figs, peaches, oranges, mulberries, avocado, loquats, pineapple guavas, tangerines, yuzu, apricots and yes, those pomegranates.

fruit tree tip

Rub-a-dub-dub give those trees a scrub!

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Great. I have been doing this with a spray bottlel – and only once in a while.
Will go and get one of those nozzel Attachments – Thanks

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