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thanksgiving table

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

This Thanksgiving week my heart finds itself in two places. Here physically in upstate New York with my husband’s family and emotionally with my parents and sisters in Southern California. Maybe next year we can all be in the same place…pretty please? My love and gratitude for each of them is bigger than my Goliath sized turkey brining away.

Something I love about this season is how we are connected by the table. The food, the plates we set the table with, the flowers and the candlelight— all connect us to the memories of those we love and have sat down to feast with throughout the generations.


Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Tomorrow, I’ll think of my sister Patricia as I make a Waldorf salad filled with crisp apples, pecans and celery. My dad will feel close as I roll out the dough for his beloved mincemeat pie, my mom as I make the stuffing she taught me all those years ago and I will smile as I look across the table and watch my husband enjoy his mom’s mashed potatoes and gravy that are so unbelievably good. Two distinct families brought together in such a beautiful way at the Thanksgiving table. So grab your grandmother’s china and your aunt’s sweet potato recipe and wherever you are and whoever you are with, make the meal a family affair.

My hope is that you have a truly special holiday filled with love and family. I’m doing my best to take the time to stop and soak in the fleeting sweetness. I’m stealing hugs as my girls run through the kitchen, doing my best to just put down the damn phone and most of all, giving thanks for the life and love that surround me.

I’m so thankful for each of you. Especially during this season of reflection and gratitude I’m in awe of this space and community we’ve created together. Thank you for your comments, encouragement and eyes on the blog this year. Cheers to you!


Photo by Elizabeth Messina


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7 thoughts on “Family Table”

Thanksgiving will be rich with our thoughts of you guys.. Bring us back some of grandma’s mashed potatoes:). You all will be at the table and in our minds while we cook.

Hi Valerie – I just finished talking with my husband about not being able to have both our families together at our table (my family is back East) & planning a way to make that happen next year. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts.

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