January Garden

santa barbara

With the drought, our eyes had grown accustomed to dry and brown. Now that we’ve had some rain Santa Barbara looks lush and yes, green. My favorite hiking trail now welcomes with a confetti sprinkling of flowers and a soft blanket of clover and sour grass.

It’s time to kick into to overdrive with spring planting. I get giddy thinking of all those bulbs underground and the pop-up of pretty blooms. Here’s a peek at what’s been happening in the garden.


In went fifteen asparagus plants (Easter Brunch, I’m looking at you) planted with the help of our very own Casa Rice compost. These non-genetically modified UC 72’s were developed by UC Davis to withstand heat and lack of water — making them perfect for our climate. The asparagus plants are already two-years old so as soon as stalks appear we can harvest for our dinner plate.

santa barbara garden

I’ve been waiting not so patiently for this kohlrabi to bulb.

santa barbara garden

Same goes for these daffodils.

santa barbara garden

These artichokes are poised for some seriously stellar offerings.

santa barbara garden

In the fall we did a big cut back on the salvia and it’s come back in abundantly.

Santa barbara garden

The melancholy and stark bones of the rose garden in winter.

santa barbara garden

After showing those damn aphids whose boss, we have purple cauliflower perfection.

santa barbara garden

Look, swans!!

I do my best to embrace the winter garden, but in my heart I’m a floozy for spring (can you blame me?). Part of the thrill is the anticipation and promise — here’s to enjoying the wait. How’s your winter garden coming along?

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10 thoughts on “January Garden”

I’m Still holding on to enough milk weed to keep a few of the catapillars around.. Looking forward to spring myself.

I am in an apartment and without space to garden for the first time in twenty years. I’m searching for a public space to use but until then crying when the seed catalogs arrive.:) Thanks for letting me live vicariously! It is very hard to be in Southern California and not have space to grow something – reading this post was just the thing. Thank you!
A Grateful Pasadena Reader

I am actively harvesting Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Broccoli and Cauliflower ~ oh and mixed green lettuce!!! I picked and used something out of my garden 365 days in 2014..hoping to do the same this year!!!

I always enjoy reading your blog. I live in Ventura and have raised beds that I’ve been growing organic vegetables year round for about 8 years. Right now I’m enjoying a few fall tomatoes, a variety of chili peppers, kale, lettuce, spinach, green & red velvet sorrel, flat leaf & curly parsley, garlic chives, oregano, bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, sage, limes, white & red swiss chard, arrugala, beans, peas, nasturtiums & a few large juicy sweet strawberries & fragrant lavender. And I’ve been collecting lots of Milkweed seeds. Can’t wait for summer.

Thank you, Melissa, your comment was so touching! Maybe you could moonlight at The Huntington Botanical Gardens? Then you could give me a tour??? 😉

Great idea! I was joking about crying when the catalogs come in, but it does make me feel a bit sorry for myself. Working at the Huntington is a much better idea than having a pity party!

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