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I thought I was getting a silly little freckle on my chest removed. It turns out that little guy was “special” and a quick and easy procedure morphed into four-inch line of sutures across my chest. All those stitches and not a boob job in sight! It’s fine, I’m fine and the mole is gone. All this translates into a super slowdown as everything heals.

I’ve completely fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole. There is much inspiration (and envy) in all of those square little photos. It’s fun to peek into other people’s gardens, kitchens, closets and lives. I’m particularly OBSESSED with flora.forager. This brilliant woman takes botanicals she forges from her surroundings and creates art.

Botanical art from Flora.forager via Instagram

Botanical art from flora.forager via Instagram

I want to frame every single one of these creations. She sells prints of her work on her website, so maybe it’s time to make an order. The way she takes familiar plants plucked from the dirt and transforms them into a beautiful, whimsical story speaks to my stitched-up situation.

From Flora.forager (link in the text)

From flora.forager

Since I’ve got (rare) time on my hands I thought why not give it a try? I started with some leggy succulents hanging out in my kitchen. I plucked all the leaves off and played.

succulents in the kitchen

Succulent Prep




Here’s my first formation a la flora.forger.  I can enjoy these pretty creations out on the counter for a couple of days and then plant them in cactus soil. I found a spot for the planting outside in some dappled sunlight.


succulent drying desing


If all goes well, we’ll have a new container filled with old favorites — which feels most appropriate right now.

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11 thoughts on “Slow Down Inspiration”

i found your blog while looking for recipes for gin, haha, and am really liking it! these are really pretty:-) and i hope your stitches heal quickly! xx

I Love the slowing down part…. Melanoma is nothing to ignore or suspicious moles. Glad you’ve had the mole removed and it was ok. Your suculent idea is great. Very pretty. .
I just had a BMB and I’m definitely moving slowly so I understand!!

Oh my gosh I am so glad to hear you are alright. Those things can be scary sometimes.
Love the Floral Art almost like Floral Puzzle.
Best of luck with your recovery.

Love the way you made lemonade out of lemons:). I feel so shallow now for telling you to coze up on the couch and watch old Sex in the City re-runs as you recover. This was lovely..
Ashley wants you to make her one.

Love this and you
Par and Ashley

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