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It’s been such a JOY writing the blog this year! Thank you for your faithful readership. I love waking up to your comments and fun reactions. My favorite part of this year on Eat Drink Garden had to be Thanksgiving. All of your comments, calls and texts about making the Sage and Sausage Stuffing made me feel like I was in your kitchen with you that day. I appreciate all the ways you transform this passion project of mine into a true labor of love.

beauty giveaway

As a thank you for the joy you’ve brought into my life, I’ve asked my dear friends at the Cos Bar of Montecito if we could do another giveaway together. This package has everything you need to look and feel gorgeous this holiday season, this haul is valued at over $600! In addition to all the luxury goodies from the Cos Bar, I’m also including my newest apron. This halter style in hemp offers great coverage and looks so pretty on. It’s my new favorite and it’s not even for sale yet on the site.


Photo by Evan Janke

To enter, just leave a comment below sharing what has brought you joy this past year. We will collect all your comments between now and Tuesday, December 15th. One lucky winner will be announced the next morning. The winner will be selected at random, so no need to over think your answer — just share the joy!

cos bar beauty



Again, here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post answering this question:

What has brought you joy this year?

Please share the love and forward this post onto your #girlsquad, because the bigger the response, the more giveaways we can do in the new year.


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So, tell me— What has brought you joy this year?

Our winner will be chosen at random, next Tuesday, December 15th at 12:00 PST. Please note, as much as we love all our international readers, this particular giveaway is open to readers in the United States only. A huge thank you to Cos Bar for this awesome package!

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86 thoughts on “Holiday Hostess Cos Bar and Apron Giveaway!”

This year I began teaching 2nd and 3rd grade at my children’s charter school. It has been one of the best experiences of my life! Everyday I’m filled with love, awe, humor and extreme challenges that help me grow as a person and a teacher. I feel as though I’m not really a teacher, but more of an awakener to the students….quoting Robert Frost of course 🙂 Teaching and parenting have been my top joys this year as they are almost one and the same. Happy holidays!!

Finding true balance in my life this year, has brought me PURE JOY! I’ve found a beautiful rhythm between parenting, part-time working, marriage, and friend time. And focusing this holiday season on Advent, breathing in the magic of Christmas and savoring each event, rather than rushing through it all, has brought me inner peace. No longer am I merely surviving as a crazy, stressed out Mom, but now I am thriving as a candle-lighting, memory engaged parent.

I think what has brought me joy, is waking up each day and being grateful . Grateful to walk, see the sun rise, or the moon set or the rain or snow. Each day is a unique gift and it has brought me joy.

My husband and I went thru some very trying times since June . We had a huge flood and have been slowing rebuilding our home . What brought me joy this year was how I learned what was really important ! My husband was amazing during this process and worked tirelessly to try and restore our house. Joy to me is knowing and feeling BLESSED by what we learned ! I am Blessed !

Spending more time with family and friends! Pure joy is my time with the grandson and granddaughter!

For a long Time I didn’t have any Joy, because my Daughter died,I miss her so much because she was my Joy, but thro the years since I have found the true meaning of the holidays my family and friends bring me Joy!

My job! I am editor for a local arts and entertainment magazine and I truly enjoy working with local publicists and organizations in covering their events. I am leaving this job after the first of the year and will be enjoying having more free time but will miss the rewarding personal contact.

I am so excited to see that you are doing the giveaway again this year!! So many things have brought me joy, but I will share a simple joy of mine. There is a large rose garden not too far from where I live, so when I need to destress or clear my head, I take a quick walk (or jog) to the rose garden. Just seeing all the flowers in bloom and smelling the perfumed air immeadiatley puts me at ease and brings a smile to my face.

This year my family has brought me the most joy.. The whole lot of them.. They are truly the wind beneath my wings..

I’ve felt joy this year waking up and looking out my window to enjoy grove of oak trees filled with birds & squirrels!

The winter light in Santa Barbara brings me joy. So much beauty in the sunrises and sunsets. Cooking with friends, learning something new about fish cooking, swimming in the ocean this summer 40 days in a row! Deeper conversations this week with my husband about what to pass on to our children about a good marriage and what works! Family and friends. Beauty and good food to share. 101 ways to love❤️️

My greatest joy comes from knowing I’m enough and this allows me to live a life free of devaluing myself and trying to live up to external expectations. I can be supportive and caring of others, knowing I’m not responsible for their happiness, but I am responsible to make sure they know I love them. ❤️

My grown children have been my greatest source of joy this year. God has blessed me with two very different but amazing kids. Blessed.

Triple joy this year for our family…
two weddings & a baby girl!
Pure joy❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas

Triple joy this year for our family…
two weddings & a baby girl!
Pure joy❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas

Both of my daughters graduated from college this year. To see their success and to feel their joy was the greatest blessing that I could have received!

I’m thankful for another year with my dad. Since he got diagnosed with sickle cell sarcoma, we were worried that he wouldn’t be around for that long, but I’m so thankful we were able to get amazing health insurance and the best doctors so get another Christmas and holiday season with him 🙂

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