Winter Garden Update

Curly Echeveria

Curly echeveria

Throughout the fall I kept vigil waiting for fruit to ripen, but the persistent heat left me with empty bowls on my kitchen counter. Winter has finally showed us some love. The rain and cooler temperatures have revitalized the garden. All of sudden, oranges, tangerines and Meyer lemons are ripe and ready to be picked. Hallelujah!


Meyer lemons in the front, navels in the back.

The citrus trees are lush and full, quite the contrast to the rose garden.


While the garden roses are completely pruned, the winter rose (hellebore) gives way to bloom. I can rhyme! Oh, the talent.



In the way back of our yard is the area we refer to as “the lower 40.” It lacks adequate sunshine, but if The Martian can grow potatoes on Mars, damn it,  I can grow some broccoli!

lower veggie beds


The veggies in the upper beds have five-star accommodations — sun, moon, stars, compost, tender love and care. Things are finally coming to head. Literally.


Red cabbage


I’m tinkering with a recipe for curried cauliflower, which should be coming soon — right after the polenta I mentioned in the last post (oops!) Rain or shine, recipes coming soon. Promise.

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10 thoughts on “Winter Garden Update”

Thank you for the beautiful photos! Your garden is really stunning. And the citrus photo is now my screensaver and brightening my laptop!

such pretty pictures! Can you give me some ideas on what to do with the crazy amount of meyer lemons we have that are weighing down our tree? Even broke a branch on our other lemon tree because of the weight! I use them everyday – going to turn in to a lemon:) thanks for any ideas!

Hi Val, would it be too much to ask for a rough layout of your garden. I’ve just moved into a new home and have quite a bit of space. It’s all bare right now and I just can’t seem to decide what to put where. I’ve spent hours agonising over it. The whole area is quite sunny, and I live in a very hot place. I’ve got my list of must-plant fruit trees and veggies and shrubs etc etc. But as to where to put what. I keep changing it. Would you mind giving some pointers?

Hi Jess, Lucky you — it sounds like you have an ideal spot for a beautiful garden. It’s always a good idea to solicit a professional for these types of projects. If not, it might get overwhelming to tackle yourself. To get the most bang for your buck, collect your ideas on a pinterest board. Then you can share your style in a visual way with the designer. When you’re collecting ideas think of the garden as a home with different rooms. Each one of those rooms has a different use or purpose; kitchen, living room, family room, etc. It’s all the same “house” with a similar style but each space has a different purpose. Does that make sense? Once you put about 12 images on one board I bet you’ll start to see a pattern for your dream garden. Good luck and have fun!

Hi Lori!

How about making preserved lemons? So easy, tasty and delicious with chicken or lamb.

Or Meyer Lemon Pie?

or chop them whole and use like we do here…

Last but not least, there’s always booze! Here’s a Limoncello tutorial from The Kitchen

Hi Val, I already have a pinterest board, full of pins too. But the idea about rooms is great! Thanks ever so much.

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