2016 Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

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I tend to get pretty hot and heavy for flowers, especially orchids. One step into my house and you see the obsession. Almost every corner, nook and table hosts an orchid arrangement. I always keep a large arrangement of orchids in the center of my office hoping its beauty will distract from the piles of paper and clutter.

twinkle orchid

See how it hides the mess?


Laeliocattleya Canhamiana photo by Larry Vierheilig

The sexy and gorgeous color of the blooms, the sometimes light and lovely scent and the staying power of this indoor flowering plant is something to be celebrated. Which is why I was giddy when asked to be on the exhibit display judging team for the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. What an honor! This annual event, celebrating it’s 71st anniversary, is happening right here in Santa Barbara, March 4-6th at the Earl Warren Showgrounds.


photo by Arthur Pinkers

Wild World of Orchids is one of the largest and most prestigious shows in the United States. This is a showcase of the most beautiful and exotic orchids in the world. Orchid experts will be on hand to answer questions, master gardeners will be there to help with any general gardening queries and there will be plants for sale. Most of all, it’s a wonderful opportunity to soak in the beauty and leave totally inspired.


Cymbidium-Doris-Hirata-‘Superstar’ photo by Arthur-Pinkers


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3 thoughts on “2016 Santa Barbara International Orchid Show”

These pictures are lovely, but I’m certainly wishing I could smell things through the computer right about now!

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