Easy Edible Gardening by Sunset Magazine


Sunset Magazine recently released a special issue on edible gardens aptly titled, Easy Edible Gardening. To my total surprise, my harvest basket of veggies made the cover! Someone had told me I was quoted in the magazine, but I had no idea it was a feature story and the cover to boot! Let’s just say there was a Rice Girls squeal-fest in aisle five at CVS when we saw the magazine for the first time…okay, and maybe the second time when we looked through it at home.


Cover veggies aside, this special issue of Sunset is filled with great inspiration and how-to tips for edible garden lovers. Even with all my years working in the garden, Sunset keeps delivering great information and regional tips that keep my garden going.


That’s the beauty of the gardening community – there’s always something to learn and there’s always an abundance of great resources. Magazines, books, master gardeners, the farmers market, the nursery, your grandma, blogs (hint, hint) — so many places to gather new tips and techniques to make your garden dreams come true.



As we head into summer planting season now is the time to start planning what you want to be eating this summer. My favorite items to plant are things that are hard to find at the market, meaning Fresno peppers over jalapeño and shishitos or lots of lemon cucumbers and dragon tongue beans over the common varieties. Whatever you plant, now is the time to get out in the dirt, maybe with a special issue of Sunset by your side?


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16 thoughts on “Easy Edible Gardening by Sunset Magazine”

That is so exciting! The cover looks wonderful, and I am looking forward to getting my magazine in the mail.

Oh my gosh Valerie that is so fantastic! I am so happy for you & can’t wait to read it. The cover looks stunning!

Congratulations, Val! What an honor! Two times in Sunset in as many years. Being a Sunset Mag Fan all my life, I’m extraordinarily proud of you! Hope you are, too!

woohoo! Way to go Val:) Cris just cleared our beds out for me to get crackin’. Can’t wait to get started! I look forward to reading Sunset:)

How exciting Valerie! Can’t wait to pick it up! The cover looks beautiful. Just reorganizing my beds and that’s a great motivation! Thank you!
Let us know when your next class is!
I made the last menu for Easter! It was a success!

Congratulations Valerie! Your photo looks awesome! I have to find that issue. Long time subscriber.

Hi Vickie! It’s a special edition for edibles and not part of the normal Sunset subscription. I found it at CVS on Coast Village Road. Good hunting and thank you for the sweet comments!

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