St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & Meat on Friday


After this wet weather, gardens and hillsides are thriving green and beautiful.  You can’t help but embrace St. Patty’s Day with enthusiastic and thankful open arms and (of course!) a green drink in hand. I’ll try not to spill in my excitement.


To celebrate the holiday, you don’t have to look very hard to find some inspiration from the garden. Celebrate with his Arugula Cocktail, find the recipe here.



For my Catholics out there, the Archbishop of LA County has given a special dispensation allowing meat to be eaten on St. Patrick’s Friday.  Corned Beef and Cabbage is officially on the menu.


Every year I turn to this recipe from my amazing friend Suzanne Goin for our celebratory dinner. It’s all about the zippy parsley mustard sauce.


Another must on the menu? Herbed potatoes slathered in Kerrygold Butter. Usually, I’m digging up tons of potatoes by now.  I missed my mark on planting. I’ll be shopping for spuds instead. When buying potatoes, go ahead and give them a good squeeze, especially bagged potatoes. They should be firm with tight skin – sounds like a familiar goal, right?

Discard any green potatoes as they can be toxic. Any sprouting spuds can go into your compost bin or planted in your veggie beds as potato seeds.


Another family favorite is this super simple soda bread. It’s the most fun to make if you have a cute helper in a green dress.



Wishing everyone the luck of the Irish. Here’s to a happy and tasty St. Patrick’s Day!

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Do you have any cooking classes planned? I gave a class to my daughter in law for her birthday last year and I want to make sure I make good. It. Sue

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