swiss chard saute

Two-Minute Swiss Chard Saute

Swiss chard has a permanent spot in my garden and kitchen. I love going out to the garden and seeing those playful rainbow-colored stems peeking out of the coffee colored mulch.

Spring meal

Asparagus & Swiss Chard Tart

Savory tarts are often overlooked, and it’s a shame because they are such delicious showcases for fresh produce.

Swiss Chard Crostini

Swiss Chard is a staple in our home because it grows year round in Santa Barbara. I love the smattering of colorful stems in the garden almost as much as I love its buttery flavor and fabulous texture. Here is a super quick and easy sauté preparation for this lovely green. I use in a multitude of ways. It gets tossed in pasta, stuffed into omelets, arranged as a topping for crostini. Any way you decide to serve it, it’s just darn delicious.

israeli feta


This four-letter powerhouse isn’t a dirty word around here.


Holiday Guests, Holiday Appetizers

Handing your guests a nibble (I’m talking food here) and a cocktail upon arrival is the quickest way to start a great night. Here are a few of my mainstay quick and easy appetizers.

roasted beet salad

Mustardy Beet Salad

The tasty mustard dressing is a welcome change from the standard beets/goat cheese/candied pecan trifecta.