Wines & Spirits

Summer Wine

In our house, Rosé gets dubbed “picnic wine” because it’s easy to drink and goes with just about any food.

Peachy Friday

Since peaches have been on my brain, it feels like I am in a whirl of peach whip, looking at life through peach-colored glasses.

St. Germain and Vodka Mojito

It has this incredibly unique flavor that is a little bit fruity and a little bit floral, but somehow isn’t quite one or the other.

Wino Wednesday: Santorini Sigalas 2010

A dry white wine that is fresh, bright, and at roughly $20 a bottle, is just about the most perfect thing for chugging or sipping (your choice) in summer.

Victoria Beer

Speaking of beer, this Pacifico drinking California Girl has found a new favorite. Cerveza Victoria used to only be available in Mexico, but this perfect all-around beer now has a permanent spot in our fridge.

Easter Buffet Menu 2011

After the customary visit from the Easter Bunny, morning mass, and an egg hunt, here is what our family is serving for Easter

Tuesday Tool: Insulated Glasses

Have you tried your favorite drink in an insulated glass yet? This super versatile item does an excellent job at keeping things both hot and cold.

New York City Food Extravaganza

I recently returned from an astounding, once in a lifetime foodie trip to New York City. When we travel, my husband and I love to sample the local cuisine, but I honestly don’t think we’ve ever gone to so many different types of restaurants in such a short time and had such overwhelming successes with food and wine selection.

Dirty Martini

I hate the “aftermath” of an evening of martini sugar bombs, so this savory, dirty martini appeals to my palate and allows me to function the next day without a major headache.

chees puff

Gougères and Champagne

More familiarly know as a “cheese puff,” the gougère has a light, crispy exterior and velvet-soft center. Traditionally, the gougère is paired with Champagne (and really, who would ever want to mess with a tradition that gives you an excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly?), which makes it a perfect appetizer for extra festive occasions or just any ordinary Tuesday.