Family Friendly

belgian waffles

Best Belgian Waffles

Thinking of my childhood family waffle nights and memories of eating actual Belgian waffles in Belgium (trust me, they are nothing like the IHOP menu) sent me to the kitchen to come up with this recipe.

egg cups

Baby Egg Bakes

I blame it on Pinterest. I’ve become obsessed with muffin tins. It can get a little kitschy and a little too cute, yes, but that compact size is perfect for busy family snacks and meals.

coconut cookies

Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal, coconut and chocolate all work together in these cookies that are not only delicious but also totally satisfying. Since they have more good stuff in them than most cookies, I don’t feel bad tucking them in a lunch box or having one with my coffee.

butternut squash soup

A Lesson in Shortcuts, Butternut Squash Style

Almost a month ago I believed I had stumbled upon an awesome discovery- organic butternut squash puree in a can. No more having to hack into, peel and roast a squash. Instead, you could just open the can, add some fresh ingredients and dinner is served.

brown bag lunch

Healthy School Lunch Challenge

As a mom, making those damn lunches day in and day out, I was delighted to gather some great, practical and healthy ideas.

halloween kids

Halloween Menu

Every Halloween, we have a tradition of hosting a bunch of families for the trick or treat pre-game show, this menu always satisfies.

carrot and fennel soup

Roasted Fennel and Carrot Soup

My kids are on a soup kick lately, which is awesome. Soup is perfect for those weeknights when we are all running in different directions. It’s healthy, nutrient rich and easily gluten-free.