Something Sweet

Sugar Loco~ Valentines Day Cookies

VALENTINES DAY RECIPES: SUGAR COOKIES WITH WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR @EATDRINKGARDEN Valentine’s Day Cookies: Sugar Cookies with Whole Wheat Flour by Valerie Rice of Eat, Drink, Garden     See full article here:

dried orange slices

Candied Orange Slices

Easy candied orange slices— these beautiful little treats turn that overflowing bowl of oranges into glistening treasure.

quince jam

Quince & Pineapple Guava Jam

This isn’t quite a jam, more of a (delicious) replacement for cranberry sauce. Regardless of exact terminology it’s worth making a batch, now.

coconut cookies

Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal, coconut and chocolate all work together in these cookies that are not only delicious but also totally satisfying. Since they have more good stuff in them than most cookies, I don’t feel bad tucking them in a lunch box or having one with my coffee.

halloween kids

Halloween Menu

Every Halloween, we have a tradition of hosting a bunch of families for the trick or treat pre-game show, this menu always satisfies.

honey apple challah

Challah Back Girl

Sundown tonight begins the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, where eating foods like honey and apples summons good hope and sweetness for the year.