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mexican pork & hominy stew


Pozole is a traditional Mexican pork and hominy stew. It has a rustic vibe with a fresh, spicy flavor that is simply delicious.


Grissini with White Truffle Butter and Prosciutto

(Easy Holiday Appetizers #1, aka Meat on Sticks) “I say they should put more meats on a stick, you know? They got a lot of sweets on sticks—popsicles, fudgesicles, lollipops—but hardly any meat.” —There’s Something About Mary Welcome to a week of appetizers! This is the time of year when we are often opening our […]

Early Summer Fruit Platter

Because good fruit is abundant and majorly in season right now, I usually offer to bring a fruit platter. A plate lets guests take what they want, and gives you some creative leeway with the arrangement.


Over the years, I have made crostini in many different ways: in the broiler, in the over oven, and on the grill. The thing is, you don’t want to overcook the bread so it’s hard to bite into, but you also don’t want to cook it so lightly that it falls apart or is soggy. I’ve discovered that my favorite way to cook crostini is with my grill pan.

preparing prosciutto and fig appetizer

Prosciutto and Fig Appetizer

Since I have been harvesting Black Mission Figs for the last week, I thought I would share this fig and prosciutto appetizer recipe. It only has a few ingredients, is simple to prepare, and yet has a very elegant (almost decadent) flavor. These bite-sized morsels are great passed on a tray, or you can serve them with beautiful greens and herbs to make a lovely fall salad.

easy lentil soup

Lentil Soup

Today is the first day of fall! In preparation, I made a big batch of lentil soup this morning so we could just heat it up whenever we’re ready to eat. For me, nothing says “fall” quite like a hearty bowl of soup. It seems strange to me that this is the first day of fall.

dip with feta cheese and spices

Whipped Feta Dip

I have been meaning to share this recipe for whipped feta since the inception of http://eat-drink-garden.com. Kim Schiffer shared this recipe with me years ago, and it has been in rotation as one of my favorite dips ever since. We laugh that it is the “Montecito” version of pimento cheese and practically everyone who tries it wants the recipe.