Family Entertaining


Princess Crepes

My wonderful friend Maili shared this recipe with me years ago. These crepes are a favorite in my Saturday morning breakfast rotation.


Family Meal: Rice Bowls

I have a few go-to family meals in my arsenal that everyone loves and this rice bowl is one of them. It fits all the family dinner requirements—fast, healthy, easy and tasty.

Easy Moroccan Menu

A Moroccan menu featuring my family style Grilled Eggplant Salad and Pork Kebabs with Pita Bread.

Valerie’s Granola

Granola is one of those staples that is fundamentally wholesome and delicious, but often becomes a high-calorie, over-sweetened fiasco. It doesn’t have to be that way. This homemade granola is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty combined with a crisp, roasted texture. It’s easy to make and has none of the extra sugar or preservatives you find store-bought.

Green Pasta

This is a great 2011 version of green pasta that is quick to make and doesn’t require boiling every single possible nutrient out of your veggies. It’s also a fun way to sneak wholesome greens to your kids without them realizing, and the color is spectacular on the plate. Believe me, this pasta is totally worth the effort. Once you make it, you and your family will be hooked!

Joanna’s Salmon

This salmon recipe is delicious, super fast, easy, and great for entertaining. If you plan to use it for entertaining, prepare the fish up until the point where you cook it, then put everything in the fridge. Right before you start to plate the rest of the meal, stick the salmon in the oven. By the time you finish plating the meal, your fish should be done.