Tools & Tips

How To: Preserved Lemons

Don’t let the term “preserved” scare you; this is much easier and quicker (really, only minutes) than traditional canning. favorite blog posts

NYE: Bubbly Bar

Clink in the new year with this sparkling twist that’s sure to be the toast of the party.

Tuesday Tip: It Takes Two

Having a partner in hosting helps you stress less and actually enjoy the evening, which really should be what entertaining is about.

Home-Cooked Meal

Ok, so this move has created a really, really stressful two weeks but honestly, I feel like I am coming out on the other side more organized.

Tuesday Tool: Knife Sharpener

As we head into the holidays, one thing that you can have in your cooking arsenal is to start the season off with sharp knives.


Bites of Honey

I love, adore and crave honeycomb. It’s the starting point for an easy and special appetizer.

Quick Tip: Cooking Fish

Amanda Hesser’s cookbook, The Cook and the Gardener, is loaded with stories from the garden and helpful guidelines for cooking all sorts of meals. Something that has really stayed with me as I travel through the islands is a simple note about preparing fish.

black pepper

Tuesday Tip: Black Pepper

There is so much emphasis on salt these days that poor ol’ pepper often gets pushed to the back seat. Yet, black pepper is called out in most savory American dishes and deserves a little attention, don’t you think?