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Stocking Stuffers

Out of everything that goes into the holiday, though, I think that one of the most special things about Christmas for our family is the Christmas stocking. Let’s face it, the holiday would be a lot simpler if we didn’t do them, but there is just something so delightful in seeing the girl’s faces as they empty their self-contained “treasure chest” of fun little items that were chosen just for them. Of course, grown-ups can enjoy stockings too (I know I do). So, with this in mind, I’ve put together a list of my favorite stocking-stuffers for this year:

freezing produce

Freezing Produce

I freeze tomatoes, green beans and strawberries whole. With zucchini I freeze diced or bite-sized pieces. Just remember to dry the pieces thoroughly after you cut them — I press a towel to the zucchinis to soak up any extra moisture. This technique can be used to freeze just about anything. If I have any pitted fruit left over (which is hardly ever), I cut them in half, remove the pits, and then freeze them in halves or quarters to use for pies or crumbles at a later date.

An Inspired Table

Every meal is a fresh experience, a chance to sit down with people you care about and enjoy wonderful food and wine. I love setting the table with the menu in mind. Let a feeling from the meal or color inspiration guide your table. I often pick an element or color that strikes me while I cook.

Having a Wine Focused Dinner

Even when hosting a wine dinner, you should start with the food!  Create a menu featuring simple, delicious food that allows the flavors of the wine to be the star of the meal.  It always works to stick to the basics, a fresh cut of meat with salt and pepper cooked on the grill, some […]