Flowers & Plants

Flower Arranging

Pretty Petals

Santa Barbara is blessed with talented floral stylists all over town; this picky recipient was blown-away and totally impressed by the variety, beauty and talent in these arrangements.

Roses in the Morning

I love the opportunity to take outdoor images while the sun is still rising. While I am not a professional photographer, I certainly enjoy capturing my garden roses sprinkled with dew from bud to bust, awash in this ultra-magical light.

Peachy Friday

Since peaches have been on my brain, it feels like I am in a whirl of peach whip, looking at life through peach-colored glasses.

Fresh Friday: Three Things to Kick off July

Feeling fresh with a superb hangover remedy after an evening of celebration. Coconut water spiked with the juice of half a lime replenishes those lost electrolytes, tastes great, and is a whole lot better for you than a pop.

Potted Centerpieces

What do you do when you have two hours to put together a table full of centerpieces and find gifts for your guests? Arugula, Chandler Strawberries, and Onion Bulbs in pots, of course!

Flower Arranging from the Garden

Flower garden update: My dahlia bulbs have not quite come up yet this year and most of my roses are between blooms, but I have other flowers in my cutting garden that are simply gorgeous. A mixture of the newly blooming ‘Goliath’ hydrangeas and Chocolate Cosmos, Lavender Scabiosas, Viburnum and Golden Alstroemeria create a contrast of beauty, shape and color. Here are some ways I have been working my garden flowers into home and gift arrangements.

Supermarket Bouquets

With the countdown to curtain looming, I bunched the orange, peach, and lilac together, tied the bouquets with ribbon I had saved from an old present (reduce, reuse, recycle!), and held the ends together with pushpins from my sewing basket that I clipped with pliers so the edges didn’t poke through and wound the budding actresses’ hands.