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Flower Arranging

Green Trick Dianthus

There are so many reasons to love Green Trick Dianthus. While the name is less than desirable (I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds more like a rare sickness than a flower), it is actually a member of the carnation family, and quite adorable. I have been plugging into a ton of arrangements lately.


With fresh eyes, I’ve realized how striking the camellias are in this somewhat bleak, early springtime. I planted them to be a year-round source of color for the garden, but returning home from such a harsh winter landscape, I felt inspired to make an arrangement of them inside. The result was beautiful, simple to arrange, and sturdy. Plus, the Spanish feel of this flower really complemented the Spanish style of our home.

Anniversary Flowers

What are the appropriate flowers for a winter anniversary party anyway? You want something romantic, somewhat seasonal (I mean, as seasonal as you can get when it’s snowing outside!) but also sophisticated and different from your typical wedding flower arrangement. I decided to go with an array of Dianthus, white Ecuadorian Roses, and large green Cymbidium Orchids with burgundy throats.

multicolored ranunculus arrangement

Ranunculus: A Beautiful, Hearty Bulb

T’is the season for bulbs! In my opinion, Ranunculus are the most striking of the group and don’t get the attention they deserve. At 3$ a bunch at the farmer’s market right now, these beauties are easy on the budget (just one of the benefits of choosing a seasonal flower), and a perfect way to brighten up your home on a winter day.

2010 Thanksgiving Menu & Vegetable Frittata

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about cooking, eating, and being thankful the good things in life. My family is coming to us this year, and it is going to be a day of eating, drinking, and visiting. This will actually be the first Thanksgiving that I have ever hosted at my house. I think a lot of people find hosting Thanksgiving to be intimidating because it’s not just a dinner; it’s a full day’s worth of activities (along with at least a couple days of prep work). With that in mind, I’ve put together a (long) list of what I’m planning to do for tomorrow.

Little Vases

The ease and enjoyment of a small vase is that with just a flower or two you can add a touch of natural beauty and thoughtfulness to a guest bath, a bedside table, entry area, your desk, or even a closet. Just having one or two stems in a vase allows the stunning intricacies of the bloom to shine. You can always find a place for a little vase filled with lovely flowers. I even use them to individually store my herbs in water when I cook.

Table decor for Cinco de Mayo

Table Décor for Cinco de Mayo

In front of our home we have a drought tolerant garden filled with, among other things, Agave plants. Agave is a cactus plant in which tequila is derived. It’s hardy, sculptural and no green thumb is necessary to plant or grow. In keeping with our Cinco de Mayo “get your drink on” fiesta on Wednesday, […]

Lovely Pizza Dough, Pretty Flowers Too

We decided to make heart shaped pizzas in our wood burning oven for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Benedetta was here (her one day off on her month long tour) and she gave me a tip to not use olive oil in the dough because it weighs down its consistency. We tried it without oil and it was so beautiful!

Beautiful Ranunculus

Ranunculus are currently in season and so beautiful, I often think of them as the winter sister of the rose. They bloom in a variety of gorgeous colors from (canary yellow to deep crimson).

Flower Arranging 101

Arranging flowers is therapeutic, a delight to all my senses.  I love to create unique arrangements and bouquets, a trait I affectionately inherited from my mother.  I have memories of my mother coming home from brisk fall walks with sticks and leaves which she would transform into incredible creations on the mantels and tables throughout […]