What’s in season, what’s coming soon.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

I wait all year for these amazing cara cara navel oranges to come in season. At Trader Joe’s this week I found flats of them.

Healthy Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese and Agave Nectar Frosting

It is pretty simple. I adore carrot cake, carrot muffins, pretty much any baked good covered in yummy cream cheese frosting. Growing up, the birthday cake of choice for me and my sisters was almost exclusively- carrot cake. Looking back, I laugh about the contradictions and charm of my family. I am a native Newport […]

Travel: Nine Days in Northern Italy

Northern Italy in November… nothing could be more fun and “ful”filling! Thoughts of white truffles and Barolo danced in my head. Our amazing, fun and hilarious friends, the Robleses, joined us for this most anticipated adventure sans children. Venice, Piedmont, Milan, oh my! It was nine days filled with eating, drinking, laughing, truffle hunting, wine […]

Flower Arranging 101

Arranging flowers is therapeutic, a delight to all my senses.  I love to create unique arrangements and bouquets, a trait I affectionately inherited from my mother.  I have memories of my mother coming home from brisk fall walks with sticks and leaves which she would transform into incredible creations on the mantels and tables throughout […]

Broccoli and Bok Choy Soup

This creamy soup is rich and satisfying and is perfect for a brisk fall day! I was tempted to add ½ and ½ at the end of the recipe, but after I blended and tasted the soup I realized it wasn’t necessary.

Tomatoes…and more Tomatoes

All summer I have been waiting for a garden bounty of tomatoes. Santa Barbara finally got some nice summer heat and ta-da!…I found myself with five enormous plants all heavy laden with beautiful, delicious tomatoes at the same time. Great! Great. Great? My tomato windfall coincided with school starting, a full calendar of non-profit events […]

Garden Planning

These days, I am very picky about what we plant in our garden.  When I first started I planted rather haphazardly and ended up with bunch of produce I don’t really cook with.  It took me awhile to iron out the kinks of what we truly eat versus what got planted.  I had to learn […]


Why have a garden? Especially If you live in Santa Barbara, with its great soil, weather, and diverse growing options, the real question is, what are you waiting for? There are a multitude of benefits to growing your own fruits and vegetables: fresh, organic produce, no pre-handling or washing, the therapeutic aspects of gardening, exposure […]


I made this as a starter for 70 guests at a end of the school year appreciation luncheon. The beets were just popping out of my garden and I though it would be so fun to use them in a non-traditional sort of a way…